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Web domain proposal of migration

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Web domain proposal of migration

Fellow Committee Members, Ambassadors, and Constituents,

A few weeks ago I announced a "test" website that I have been considering using as the new face of I have asked for your feedback and input to better grasp if this new format works for the community at-large. All of the feedback I have received thus far has been positive with an excitement undertone. The reason we feel we needed to research a new hosting service for was for ease of use and logistics. The current format is complex, not user friendly and requires a person to dedicate valuable time to find basic information. The committee asked me to find a hosting service that will do everything we want it to do. Which in its own right is a challenging task. To find a hosting service that doesn't cost $250+ per year, which has built in forums, blogs, video hosting, picture hosting, widget functionality, a detailed calendar, an easy to use admin interface and a site that is very user friendly, is rare. Though they do exist. I have researched zooloo, moogo, doodlekit, jimdo, weebly, webon, yola and webs. Out of all of these, webs is the only one I have found that appears to have an all inclusive site while requiring no technical background to operate. Meaning it can be carried and maintained from year to year without the new Marketing chair having to "outsource" or struggle to maintain it. Now that the domain name transfer of registrars has begun, Second Pride will be able to choose any webhosting service they wish. Which also means we can keep things the way they are now. This is up to YOU!!! In my professional opinion, I strongly believe migrating to webs as our hosting service while dumping the Google sites and Forumotion is the best choice for the future of As our membership base continues to expand and social networking continues to explode, we need a hosting service that has all the capabilities to grow with demand.

I have broken down costs on what we are currently paying versus what we will be paying if we elect to migrate to webs. I ask that you keep in mind the new capabilities of the new site, as well as ease of use, flow, and technical management time required versus our current site. In my profession this is what we would consider indirect costs.

Current Costs - *All numbers listed below are per year* through Forumotion = $20.00
Removal of paid advertisements from = $25.00
Picture gallery space = $15.00 = $10.00

Total = $70.00 per year hosting has 2 packages that I would recommend for use. Basic Hosting Package = $49.95/yr and includes the following:
5GB Bandwidth per month**
No Adds
400MB Storage*
Free Google adwords credit Enhanced Hosting Package = $99.95/yr and includes the following:
25GB Bandwidth per month**
No Adds
1GB Storage*
Free Google adwords credit

*Technical Explanation: An average picture is usually around 200KB. An average mp3 (song) is around 4MB. A 10-minute YouTube video is about 125MB. There are 1,024KB to 1 MB and 1,024MB to 1GB.

**It is almost impossible to guess how much bandwidth we will use, as there are many factors that weigh in here. 5GB of bandwidth equals roughly 170MB per day for 30 days. 25GB of bandwidth equals 853MB per day for 30 days. The main determining factor for bandwidth will be audio and video streaming. If we use flickr, and YouTube, we should not exceed 170MB per day, but in the event we do, we can upgrade the package.

New Costs based on basic package - *All numbers listed below are per year* registry through = $14.95 basic hosting package = $49.95

Total = $64.90

New Costs based on enhanced package - *All numbers listed below are per year* registry through = $14.95 basic hosting package = $99.95

Total = $114.90

So...we have a decision to make. I would really appreciate everyone taking a look at the "test" site and share your comments here. If you have any questions about the above stated, please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer them.

It should be noted that most web hosting services that are all inclusive have bandwidth limitations and various pricing packages. Including most of the other sites I researched which I listed above.

In my professional opinion I feel the basic package is our best option, knowing we can always expand later as we grow.

I would like to call for a vote before Marcus leaves for a month which I believe would mean we need to vote on this Sunday Nov 8, but this is up to you.

Please take a look and share your comments and questions -


Isaiah Tolsen
Marketing Chair
Isaiah Tolsen
SP10 Marketing & Advertising Chair

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Web domain proposal of migration :: Comments


Post on Tue Nov 03, 2009 6:28 am  Marcus Steeplechase


As you know I love the new site. I've spent a bit of time dinking around with it, tried as many of the features as I could, learned how to make friends and post videos, etc. This is waaaaayyyy cooler than what we are using right now, so thank you for your great work!

I like the fact that we have an avenue for upgrading if needed.

Excellent! Cheers!

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Post on Tue Nov 03, 2009 8:23 am  Jordyn Carnell

Hell if i know what will work best. But it looks ok to me.

The website is principally a tool for external and internal promotion.
The forums for internal organization, communication, and organization participation.

You guys know the issues. If it doesn't end up working for future committees they'll change it.


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Post on Fri Nov 06, 2009 5:34 am  Anden Tolsen

Perhaps Less is more? There is a lot of action on the main page. What if we scale down to just the necessities on the main page? When i am looking at the Second Pride homepage I don't need to know which of my friends are online or the most recent videos or pictures posted. I'm thinking we should have a separate page for social media updates as to not congest the important things like..who/what is Second Pride. I love the new forum setup, even though voting isnt allowed..who cares? we can utilize the google docs for that. I love the "one stop shop" look of the SP portal..however does emails need to be on the homepage as well?

Overall, looks great Isaiah.

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