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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes October 4, 2009

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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes October 4, 2009

Post  Anden Tolsen on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:06 pm

Second Pride 2010
Committee Meeting Agenda
for the committee meeting of
October 4, 2009
at Second Pride HQs

I. Opening Ceremony - 11:00 AM SLT

A. Preliminary

i. Call to Order
Meeting was called to order by Anden Tolsen at 11:05am SLT

Keokipele Ansar offered a short prayer by Alycia Longriver.

ii. Attendance -

Committee Members

Rimpoche Kiama, Chair Present
Anden Tolsen, Co-Chair Present
Kiroja Fluffy, Building Chair Present
Marcus Steeplechase, Events Chair Present
Kefir Lamont, Security Chair Present
Keokipele Ansar, Membership Chair Present
Isaiah Tolsen, Marketing Chair Present
Eric Quimby, Interim Treasurer Present

EagleWoman Lightfoot, Lemonodo Oh, Gregor Qinan

Kharissa Indigo, Gordon Nadezda, Fluke Gumbo, Hegucima Gausman, Jasmin Zabaleta, Kristopher Draconia, Kiara Darbyshire, Phillip Eubanks,
Zanna Katscher, Jordyn Carnell, TigerChub Torok, Presco Bravin, Doc Spad

II. Communications/Reports/Action Session

A. In Consideration of Consent Agenda Items
i. Minutes of the September 20, 2009 Committee Meeting
Rimpoche Kiama motion that the minutes from the 09/20/09 committee meeting be approved and posted in the forums. Anden Tolsen second. Motion carried unanimously.

B. In Consideration of Marketing Slideshow (Isaiah)
Isaiah Tolsen reported that the Marketing Team will be developing a slideshow for Pride 2010. Mr.Tolsen requests the participation of the whole community.

C. In Consideration of Kiosk (Marcus)
Marcus Steeplechase requested to know the status of the Kiosk

Kiroja Fluffy reported that he has made contact with several individuals in regards to the kiosk. His plan is to move forward with building a kiosk from scratch. Mr. Fluffy estimates that the construction will be completed on the 24th. Input is still needed with what is needed for the script.

EagleWoman Lightfoot stated that the Kiosk needs to be networked and have full permissions to SPav so that it can be used in future years. Also it must be able to deliver notecards, LMs and scrolling textures of events.

Eric Quimby stated that the kiosk system do two major functions, send an email with daily batch reports and that there is redundancy built into the server. Mr. Quimby has offered to provide more details to Committee.

D. In Consideration of Haunted House (Marcus)
Krioja Fluffy reported that the project is half way completed and the ride system is in development. Once that portion is complete the project will be able to go live. Mr. Fluffy stated that he has not contacted Doc Spad in regards to renting the sim as of yet. Mr. Fluffy estimates that his team would need the sim from Oct 24th-November 1st.

Rimpoche Kiama requested that the Build and Events team collaborate on dates and to send finalized details to Mr. Kiama. Mr. Kiama will then make contact with Doc Spad for rental.

Marcus Steeplechase reported that there will be 4 parties for the Haunted Mansion, Oct 30th & 31st, Noon and 7PM. Each event will be 3 hours long and sponsored by a club. Each event begins with a 15 minute performance. The cast is still being assembled.

E. In Consideration of Promo Posters (Marcus)
Marcus Steeplechase reported that he has a folder of posters for any individual interested. Mr. Steeplechase and Isaiah Tolsen will work on getting copies posted on the website for download.

F. In Consideration of Comedy Night Jan 23rd (Marcus)
Marcus Steeplechase reported that 4 Bridges has offered their Theatre for us to use for this event. Mr. Steeplechase stated that Comedians are still needed and any interested individuals should contact EagleWoman Lightfoot.

G. In Consideration of November Vendor/Sponsor Gala (Rimpoche)
Rimpoche Kiama proposed that we have a Gala (One Nigh in Bangkok) to celebrate our vendors from past prides, sponsors, and give them the opportunity to do two things 1) Showcase their items in stalls for free and 2) get familiar with the new Rainbow Merchants program/sponsor packs.

The Committee discussed that the Gala would not replace the Rainbow Merchant Event scheduled for December, as it will serve as an appreciation event.

Kiroja Fluffy stated that the build team will not be available to partake in this project.

Rimpoche Kiama proposed that further discussion get moved to the forums.

H. In Consideration of updated Webpage/Forum List (Rimpoche)
Rimpoche Kiama motioned that the Committee appoint Isaiah Tolsen as the 2009-2010 foster of the web page and Google mail forum and that we make request to Shawn Mission to transfer the relevant materials to him asap. Anden Tolsen second. Motion carried unanimously.

Anden Tolsen is to inform Shawn Mission of the Committee's decision.

I. In Consideration of Requests for Messerchmittima (Rimpoche)
Rimpoche Kiama opened the floor to discussion in regards to request for Gloria videos. Any further requests should be made to Rimpoche Kiama.

Kefir Lamont proposed that Second Pride look into creating a YouTube account to host all the videos and perhaps broadcast them at the HQ. Isaiah Tolsen is to look into creating account for Second Pride.

Lemonodo Oh requested that there be a video made on the upcoming elections.

J. In Consideration of SL Community Partnerships (Rimpoche)
Rimpoche Kiama stated that Linden Labs have announced their Community Partnerships program. Mr. Kiama opened the floor to discussion about Second Pride owning its own Sim.

EagleWoman Lightfoot stated that there is still a lot of "footwork" needed before participating.

Keokipele Ansar stated that another route is in creating an association of LGBT owned sims/estates

The Committee discussed the requirements set forth by LL and finds that sim ownership is the only requirement we do not currently fulfill. The Committee further discussed pricing. Kefir Lamont posted current market rates for Education and NPO's : Full Region 65,536 sqm $700 $147.50
Homestead Region 65,536 sqm $262 $66.50
Openspace Region 65,536 sqm $250 $75

Jordyn Carnell stated that we should be careful to never lose sight of defining the group based on inclusivity and community support and not in terms of land ownerships and events. If we want the community support thats how you get it, but supporting others with your resources, not by asking their support for building yours.

EagleWoman Lightfoots stated that we are still in a position of building support from all of our community. Ms. Lightfoots feels that by Festival time we will have a solid support from all parts of the community.

Marcus Steeplechase shared that Gay Archipelago has already moved on this initiative. This group owns 12-14 sims. Mr. Steeplechase recommends that we bring together a group of land owners that share a common vision rather go at it alone.

III. Hearing Session

Keokipele Ansar stated that he is ready to have the General Membership application online. Mr. Ansar further reported that he has some contacting to do regarding past chairs who should be eligible for Ambassadorship as it stands now. Mr. Ansar is to send notice and notecards to appropriate individuals.

Treasurer Report
Eric Quimby reported that as of 10/04/09 the current account balance is L$441,785. Amount raised at Art Walk 09/27/09 was L$171,402 (Azkul $L64,751. Kanaloa $L 40,001.Scallwag

LGBT Spirituality Workshop
Rimpoche Kiama proposed that in November we have a LGBT Spirituality Workshop. Mr. Kiama opened the floor for discussion. Item has been moved to forums for further discussion.

Jordyn Carnell proposed hat reports be posted in the forums for review so during meetings discussion can be brief and result in quick voting.

Second Pride Treasurer Elections
Keokipele Ansar stated that the elections will be held October 12, 2009

Marcus Steeplechase recognized that activity in the election forums have died down and hopes that more activity will occur. Rimpoche Kiama suggested that there be a debate for the two candidates. EagleWoman Lightfoot stated that it would not be necessary.

Isaiah Tolsen is to archive older posts in the election forum.

Marcus Steeplechase stated that anyone interested in a voter registration poster should IM him. Mr. Steeplechase recognized that voter registration has not picked up since its initial launch. Rimpoche Kiama proposed that registration re open after the elections are completed.

Burning Life
EagleWoman Lightfoot reported that Burning Life opens to the public October 17th.

IV. Proposed Agenda Items
Transfer of SPav (Rimpoche)

Anden Tolsen requested that the Committee submit all agenda items to Gregor Qinan and Anden Tolsen no later then Thursday. As we want to have the agenda completed in a timely manner.

V. Closed Session

A. None

VI.Action Session/Closed Session Items

A. None

VII. Closing

A. The next regular meeting of the Second Pride Committee will be held on October 11, 2009 11am SLT at the Second Pride Headquarters

B. The meeting was adjourned at 1:28pm SLT.

All Committee Members, Ambassadors and the public at large are required to follow the Committee Meeting Guidelines and should familiarize themselves with the document.

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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