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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes September 20, 2009

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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes September 20, 2009

Post  Anden Tolsen on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:03 pm

Second Pride 2010
Committee Meeting Agenda

for the committee meeting of
Sunday September 20, 2009
at Second Pride HQs

I. Opening Ceremony - 11:00AM SLT

A. Preliminary

i. Call to Order
The regular meeting of Sunday, September 20, 2009, was called to order by Rimpoche Kiama at 11:00 AM SLT, at the Second Pride Headquarters

ii. Attendance -

Committee Members

Rimpoche Kiama, Chair Present
Anden Tolsen, Co-Chair Present
Kiroja Fluffy, Building Chair Present
Marcus Steeplechase, Events Chair Present
Kefir Lamont, Security Chair Present
Keokipele Ansar, Membership Chair Present
Isaiah Tolsen, Marketing Chair Present
Stryker Jenkins, Treasurer Chair Absent

Gregor Qinan, EagleWoman Lightfoot, millay Freschi, Dannielscarlet destiny, Eric Quimby, Lemonodo Oh, Capabilitytodd Elswitt, Leland Ansar

Levi Ewing, Gordon Nadezda, Ricken Flow, Hegucima Gausman, Meatjocky Lederberg, Zanna Katscher, Gorilla Bigbear, Tigerchub Torok, Doc Spad, Presco Bravin

II. Communications/Reports/Action Session

A. In Consideration of Consent Agenda Items
Anden Tolsen stated that minutes of the September 13, 2009 Committee Meeting are not complete, therefore not available for approval.

B. Statement from SP2010 Security Chair Kefir Lamont
Kefir Lamont urged that in light of recent events that Committee must be united and be able to work together diplomatically.

Marcus Steeplechase commended Mr. Lamont on putting the issues into perspective.

C. In Consideration of SPAM (Second Pride Adult Merchants)
Marcus Steeplechase stated that it is not necessary to create an adult sim, as Adult Merchants are able to and have been toning down their advertisements to be compliant with LL recent Maturity ruling.

Keokipele Ansar has updated the Sponsor forms online to ask all potential sponsors if their business is classified as Adult.

Kiroja Fluffy stated that from a Build perspective they would like to still go forward with a sim classified as Adult.

SPAM has been tabled till January, 2010 or until further information is available.

D. In Consideration of Rainbow Merchants
Marcus Steeplechase explained that Rainbow Merchants are merchants that donate products/services to SP Events and in return receive a decal to place in their shops identifying them as supporters of SP. The role and benefits of a RM are still be finalized.Mr. Steeplechase will keep everyone apprised of all updates within the next two weeks.

Keokipele Ansar stated the importance about not giving too many benefits to RM as we do not want to devalue sponsor packs.

Rimpoche Kiama motioned this committee recognize EagleWoman Lightfoot, Kiroja Fluffy, and Agent Strangelove for the fantastic work they have done to give Second Pride presence at Burning Life.

E. In Consideration of Art Walk Report Eagle & Kiro Update
EagleWoman Lightfoot shared that the Art walk is less then a week away and currently there are over 40 artists participating. Kiroja Fluffy has built a magnificent castle for the evening ball. The auctioneers are being finalized and Ms. Lightfoot hopes to have freebies available at all three sims. Further, if there are any other interested artists they should contact Ms. Lightfoot.

F. In Consideration of Kiosk Report
EagleWoman Lightfoot stated that she rezzed 3 kiosks, owned by SPav, next to each Art Walk poster. These donation kiosks are not networked.

DannielScarlet Destiny has offered his assitance in assembling a kiosk for this year as we created SP09s kiosk.

Rimpoche Kiama motioned that Kiroja Fluffy contact Traven Sachs in regards to scripts and report back to Committee. Motion passed unanimously.

Committee adjourned for recess at 12:08pm SLT
Committee reconvened from recess at 12:12pm SLT

G. In Consideration of PIG Policy on Ideological Groups
Keokipele Ansar stated that the policy is finalized and ready to be posted. There have been requests from the public to view policy before publicizing. Mr. Anasr is to post policy in forums.

Rimpoche motioned that PIG be tabled till next week as to give everyone time to review document. Motion passed unanimously.

H. In Consideration of Event Committee Contacts and Emails
Marcus Steeplechase discussed the 3 booking forms that are now available on the website: hosting a fundraiser, SP Parade Float sign up, and SP Wedding form.

Kefir Lamont requested that this information be advertised in the Second Pride HQs. Millay Freschi stated that the 4 Bridges group and calendar is available as well for posting.

Rimpoche Kiama is to check SPav for calendar.

I. In Consideration of Haunted House Event Kiro & Marcus Update
Due to the unexpected Burning Life project Kiroja Fluffy has no new updates for the Haunted House build. Mr. Fluffy also mentions that the build team has grown due to Marcus Steeplechases efforts.

Doc Spad has offered his sim for $8 US/day. It is 85% of a full class 5 sim approximately 12,000 prims available.

Isaiah Tolsen motioned that Krioja Fluffy and Doc Spad meet this week to discuss details further and report back in two weeks. Motion passed unanimously.

J. In Consideration of Hollywood Babylon
Item has been tabled to next committee meeting.

K. In Consideration of SP10 Security Rules - Kefir
Kefir Lamont has requested the Committee vote to accept policy and make public.

Rimpoche Kiama motioned that the Committee accept this policy and make public. Motion passed unanimously. Kefir Lamont is to post in the forums immediately.

L. In Consideration of SP Festival Playhouse Sim
Marcus Steeplechase requested that there be a sim, at the Festival, dedicated to live performances and lip-syncing productions. Mr. Steeplechase outlined a bare plan/layout for the Committee.

Marcus Steeplechase motioned that further discussion get moved to the forums. Motion passed unanimously.

M. In Consideration of Usage of Logo by Linden Labs
Item has been tabled to next committee meeting.

N. In Consideration of Membership Chairs Report
Keokipele Ansar reported that the Treasurer Election is September 24, 2009 and polls will be open for 24 hours.

The floor was open to the public for discussion for the AHCC and the following motions were made.

Lemonodo Oh requested that the Committee accept his proposal that the AHCC be compromised of all Chairs and Ambassadors. Committee reviewed Mr. Ohs proposal and declined.

Isaiah Tolsen motioned that the Committee accept the proposed 9 representatives (3 Committee:3: Ambasadors: 3 General Members) vs the oringial 7 represntatives (3 Committee:2 Ambassadors: 2 General Members). Motion defeated. 3 Ayes: 4 Nays

Kiroja Fluffy motioned that that Committee accepts proposed 2 representatives from each group for the AHCC. Motion passed unanimously.

O. In Consideration of Presiding Chairs Report
Rimpoche Kiama reported that there has been no progress thus far with LL collaboration with logo. Mr. Kiama will keep the Committee apprised. An email has been sent requesting a tour of the Healthservices office, no reply to date. Mr. Kiama will keep the Committee apprised.

Rimpoche Kiama requested clarification from Millay Freschi in regards to AI anti-jewish sentiment policy.

Millay Freschi will investigate and report back to the Committee.

III. Hearing Session

Eric Quimby was recognized the Rimpoche Kiama and made the following statement. I would like to thank the Committee for your excellent work, continued creativity and efficient operations. Refering to Keifer's opening comments, I applaud them. However, if ambassadors of old have taken actions to obstruct the authority of the present committee by virture of having kept administrative control of SP artifacts, such actions should be made public to the General Members and they should be held accountable for their actions. While we debate the merit of the ambassador rank, abuse of the present committee by ambassadors cannot be tolerated. Clearly, absolute administrative and technical control of the SP Av, website and SP Mail is the realm of the Current Committee, and is in no way vested with ambassadors, specifically past Chairman or Treasurers. Attempts to exercise control by past Chairmans and/or Treasurers is appauling at best. As an ambassador myself, I apologize to the committee that these issues which have surfaced in previous years were not resolved or mitigated at that time.

IV. Proposed Agenda Items

V. Closed Session

A. None

VI.Action Session/Closed Session Items

A. None

VII. Closing

A. The next regular meeting of the Second Pride Committee will be held on October 4,2009 at the Second Pride Headquarters

B. The meeting was adjourned at 2:33pm SLT

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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