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Voter Registration / Treasurer Election

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Voter Registration / Treasurer Election

Post  Keokipele Ansar on Tue Sep 29, 2009 6:43 pm

The Second Pride 2010 Committee recognizes the concerns brought forth by many of the members at large regarding the recent election to seat a Treasurer on the current committee.

We agree that it is a sad state of affairs that with over 200 members with accounts at and nearly 300 members in two in world groups, there is only an eligible voter roster of 35 members.

At the time of the last General Election, our Presiding Chair was elected with only 20 Votes when membership was counted at nearly 500. This is unacceptable in an organization that espouses democratic principles, diversity, equality and unity.

Through the course of events over the last several days, Mr. Eric Quimby has offered to step in and serve as Treasurer designate for a period of two weeks to ensure financial transparency, accountability and record keeping as the Committee continues with its fundraising events and planning for the Second Pride 2010 Festival.

The Second Pride 2010 Committee has resolved to conduct a re-vote for the Treasurer Chair using the Committee Elections section of the Charter as our guideline.

During this two week period with Mr. Quimby as our Treasurer Designate, beginning today, the Committee is opening up voter registration. Members interested in registering to vote must join the Second Pride Festival group in world -- secondlife:///app/group/e8560935-aa78-1703-8e9f-09e6f32c72a5/about (copy and past this address into your local chat when in world and the group info panel will open, click join).

Additionally, members must register a user account on (click on the forum login link in the left hand column of the home page) using their full primary avatar name. Once you have registered an account with a valid email address, you may click here to go to the Usergroups page. Select the "Second Pride Registered Voters" group from the drop down menu in the "Join Group" section and click on "View Information," then click the "Join Group" button. You will be notified by email when your registration has been approved.

This is a moderated group. You are not automatically added. Your user account will be cross checked with all user accounts for IP address. Knowingly registering more than one account (alts) will not be tolerated and will result in denial of voting privileges and possible further action.

This Voter Registration Drive will end at midnight SLT on Suncay, 11 October 2009. The re-vote for Treasurer with candidates EagleWoman Lightfoot and Lemonodo Oh will be the 24 hours of Monday, 12 October 2009.

Additionally, applications for general member representation on the Ad Hoc Charter Committee will be open very soon. Notices will go out in world as well as here in the General topics forum.

Yours in Pride,

Keokipele Ansar, Membership Representative
Second Pride 2010

Keokipele Ansar, Membership Representative
Second Pride 2010

Vulcania Graphics & Fine Art~Vulcania Estates
Keokipele Ansar
SP10 Membership Representative Chair

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Re: Voter Registration / Treasurer Election

Post  Rimpoche Kiama on Tue Sep 29, 2009 9:12 pm


If you believe you can or cannot do something, you are right!
Rimpoche Kiama
SP10 Presiding Chair

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Video 18 - How to Register to Vote Second Pride

Post  Lemonodo Oh on Wed Sep 30, 2009 5:30 am

Welcome newly registered voters. Five or so new people in this first day or two of open enrollment for voter registration is very good. I hope this video encourages more of you to join. I started it from as near zero as I could, and I sort of fumbled here and there, so it runs 12 minutes, and won't embed here, nor will it play coherently on a slow computer.

Arrow Video 18 - How to Register to Vote Second Pride is a live step-by-step lab tutorial, where Lemonodo tries to do something really hard, register to vote for Second Pride elections. There are hundreds of people in the main Second Pride group and we wonder why only a few dozen are registered. Help! This covers all the steps. First, we get my alt into the Second Pride group in-world. Next we register on the Forum. Then we go to the Usergroups, We find the "Second Pride Registered Voters," but we don't sign up my alt and I explain why. I tag on a little about the upcoming election at the end since I'm in it, but I try to be as fair as possible. Enjoy!
Lemonodo Oh
Second Pride Ambassador (Building 09)

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Re: Voter Registration / Treasurer Election

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