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For Immediate Consideration

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For Immediate Consideration

It has come to the attention of the Second Pride Committee that voter fraud has occurred during the election. We have reasons to believe that the Second Pride (Founder), an admin account for the website, was used to cast a vote. Resulting in a member casting 2 votes. The following screen shots show 1 vote participation by the Second Pride (Founder) account before the election commenced followed by another screen shot of the Second Pride (Founder) account showing 2 vote participations after the polls closed. Zack Preminger has indicated that he is the only member with access to the Second Pride (Founder) account.

The Committee asks for a thorough explanation as to how this activity occurred in the Second Pride (Founder) account.

The Committee finds itself in an exceedingly awkward position regarding this discovery in the voting statistics and would hope that there is some explanation beyond what it seems. Nonetheless, it is apparent that apart from the issue of the tie, voter fraud has occurred somehow in the system and a re-vote is in order.



Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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For Immediate Consideration :: Comments


Post on Fri Sep 25, 2009 9:52 pm  Guest

Thank you for bringing this to attention so late Anden I also beleive it calls for a revote... However you have missed one detail that I did communicate to the committee during the 24h vote.. And that I think you should have shared with everyone since you were aware about it for several hours now...
Apparently there has been trying to mess around with that profile and it didn't come from me... It's a dormant account that is only to be used for the deletion of the forum or domain name buying. Yes I did login to it but I also told you it was to try to see what had been done to it, also i might add this is a first time happening thing in SP history... lots of 1st this year and still very early, thank you.

This screenshot, unlike Anden's, shows timed-stamped logs from the admin pannel actions log... They show every admin action done...

Whatever was done is unsure to say the least, I also note that the statistics do not show when the vote was cast and it could have been from a testing of the voting system long ago too since the account exists since 2008. Just a theory, other than that I beleive it doesn't change the next course of action and that nothing will be left unwatched by you and by me about what happens in the admin pannels and stats, which should make the next round secure.

However I will say I don't like the fact that you keep quiet this information I shared with you in fairplay about this intrusion log. And that when I try to see what was done by logging in you accuse me of casting a vote at the same time... I think you've got more to prove than me as to why you chose to keep it a secret from the members until you noticed that I had gotten in to check which BTW you know only because I told you I did by e-mail. It almost feels like being setup for having fallen into a nasty trap... Who's being open and honest here?

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Post on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:25 pm  Anden Tolsen

Firstly, this brings into question the electoral process completely, and is symptomatic of issues we as a committee have been facing since day one.

Secondly, if the vote was cast by someone who "hacked" into the account, or by Zack who has the only login to this account, the fact remains the vote is no longer valid.

I'm left with several options, neither of which produce for us a Kiosk system which we've needed since day one or administer the funds we've raised or want to continue to raise.

Thirdly, I find myself increasingly frustrated with the obsessively political nature of certain individuals who have their own interests and political ambitions at heart. We have already wasted far too much time calming the nerves of people who would think us usurpers rather than activists, interested not in making an impact on people's lives but our own pocket books. I currently feel less a leader and more a figure head at the front of a ship which has been sinking progressively for the last year. The irony here is that the political interest that is at stake is meaningless! This organization needed to be sponsored by a third party in world chairty to justify itself.

We should be able to stand on our own merits! If we are doing good for our own community, we don't need to justify our existence for anyone except those that perhaps have not already done enough and NEED to justify their actions by propping themselves up with a name. We don't need a charity to be charitable! In my home province, we have proudly owned and operated the longest running non-profit LGBT Community Program, including a co-op bar and dance club, for over 40 years with only the bare minimal rules and regulations.

My understanding is chairs are elected to lead, not to be chopped off at the knees every time they make a decision.

If we are going to survive, we have to move beyond this fear-based way of "governing" fact, we have to move away from governing all together. Think of the time and energy we have all wasted because of ego. If that energy had been put into volunteering, creating, doing our jobs rather than propping up a system that is not only flawed, but obviously designed to restrict the progress we need to make, we'd have already made a million linden and perhaps touched the hearts and minds of residents everywhere.

I suggest there are fewer activists in this organization than politicians. I know that I sit at table of activists, and I'm proud to know them.

We are going to move forward with the adhoc committee to revive the charter and make it a working document that will be pro-activism and not pro-government.

We are going to move forward to include and encourage the entire membership to become active. There are less than 40 people on the voting list. This is a clear example of how the system that has been used doesn't work. The people we "claim" to represent do not have the confidence of this organization because of precisely this political ofal!

And we are going to move towards ownership of the tools that have been created to help get our message to the world. Zack, please be advised that a letter is being drafted by the committee which will ask you to donate ownership and administration rights of the web domain to the committee, to be passed in perpetuity. We recognize it as having challenges, but they are in my opinion challenges which are worth fighting.

Further, if it is found conclusively that you did in fact vote fraudulenty, I will move to call for your immediate resignation from all involvement with Second Pride.

As to another election for treasurer, I think at this stage this sight does not provide us with the means to do so in a secured and transparent fashion. In it's current condition, I would move that the committee vote to select a treasurer at its earliest convenience. Votes at this point in this location are clearly not fair and transparent.

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Post on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:41 pm  Guest

Still you don't say why you conveniently kept my warning about the founder profile problem secret until you had some way to accuse me... What you brought constitutes no proof and I surely didn't attack Isaiah at the time like you're doing me now.

Besides this I have nothing to add. Except that I did suggest to Keo that it would be best to be using the google form system... No one forced you to use the forum vote tool, which I will remind again is also safe considering you can see what happens in logs... But your screenshot still doesn't prove if the 1 vote counted for that account isn't from another time. So you are quick to accuse me publically and with inworld group notices...

I must say I feel insulted by your assumptions based on the few things I pointed out about how you handled the information I shared with you.. Because I have sent an IM to Isaiah asking what he was trying to do by modifying the account, and so far I've been ignored. The ones not sharing information with everyone until it's convenient for you are only yourselves I'm sorry.

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Post on Fri Sep 25, 2009 10:42 pm  Guest

A while ago, I sent an inquiry to the Membership chair asking why the Committee failed to provide a period of time for members to register to vote in this election. My understanding is that the Committee had reason to believe it could replace resigning members just by using a normal General Vote, without participation by ALL registered voters. The Membership chair cited the "General Voting" section of the Charter. Because the Committee's internal vote for Treasurer was challenged under that section, a "Special Election" was called, and it was the Committee's decision NOT to open up voter registration for any period of time. That is very odd.

I've reviewed the Charter. It's not that complicated! As incomplete and inadequate as it is, the only section of the Charter that even remotely concerns the replacement of Committee members, is the "Committee Elections" section of the Charter. While most people seem to interpret that section to be applicable ONLY when the full Committee is being replaced at the end of the year, I believe it fully applies in this situation. I believe it was incorrect and inappropriate for this Committee to use precedence to justify the replacement of Committee members by an internal vote when it seems that the spirit of the Charter was that ALL registered voters be included in the selection of a Committee member. It goes against the existing Charter to do otherwise. Therefore, I also believe it was inappropriate to not allow a period of time for members to register to vote. WE ONLY HAVE 36 PEOPLE WHO ARE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's out of 217 members.

So, now, not only are there concerns about the Committee replacing members with friends (and, yes there are those concerns), and shutting out general members, now we have concerns about the overall legitimacy of the voting system used on this site. Some might believe I'm just upset that I am forced to sit on the sidelines, watching this horrible disaster unfold, but I can't vote!!! Well, you'd be right! I am getting angry. Of course, now there may be concerns that some might be voting more than once....what's next?

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Post on Sat Sep 26, 2009 1:43 am  Isaiah Tolsen

Zack you are seriously comical. I love how facts are presented and you deviate from the
issue at hand and attempt to turn the tables.

Here are the facts.
You are the only person with the login to the founders account, Second
Pride. Yesterday I was viewing the
admin panel looking at various aspects of the options available. I have been trying to learn the system
since you refused to transfer the domain out as requested, last month. One of the areas I came across was the
member list profile. When viewing
the Second Pride account I noticed its online status was set to hidden. The security log you have referenced is
my attempt to change the Second Pride accounts online status to visible. Obviously, when I attempted to change
it, it told me only the founder can change the founders profile. As I moved on, I came across the
Statistics area, which are the screen shots that were presented. I specifically recall the Second Pride
account having cast 1 vote prior to 9:30AM 9/24/09. Last night around 7 Eagle and Lem both had a tie as I
recall. It remained that way until
I went offline at around 9:30.
When Anden signed online at Midnight to close the polls, I was surprised
to see it still being a tie, knowing MJ was going to vote at 11:55PM. Acting on my curiosity I
looked to see who had signed into the forums since 9pm to see who cast that
mysterious vote. The one that
stood out to me was Second Pride being logged in at 11:03PM. An hour before the polls closed. I found this suspicious at best. I logged into the admin panel to look
at the voting statistics and low and behold, Second Pride now mysteriously has
casted 2 votes. This is what
prompted Andens email asking if you had logged in as Second Pride and casted a
vote. When I got to work this morning
and logged into my PC I was surprised to see that I still had that page, along
with many others, as you can see in the screenshot, open on my screen. It clearly shows Second Pride as having
casted 1 vote and when you look today, Second Pride has now cast 2 votes. So between 9:30AM yesterday and
Midnight Second Pride cast a vote.
Again, you are the only one with access to the Second Pride founders
login, yes?

Although I have my own personal thoughts on why this
occurred, that is not the point here.
The point is Second Pride founder login cast a vote in yesterdays
election. So may I ask, did you
cast a vote as the Second Pride founder account yesterday?

I see your post saying you sent an IM to me? I have not received it. Yesterday upon my login the great
Linden Labs capped my IMs, once again.

After collecting the evidence today, I emailed it to my
fellow committee members. Over the
next 6 hours we all reviewed everything and collectively came to the conclusion
that Second Pride casted a vote between the 2 days. No one on this committee is out looking for a lynching. We all have very important jobs to do
and have much more important things to deal with than this BS drama, but voter
fraud is a serious crime.

Zack, I would like to say that as an ambassador and former
Second Pride chair, I am extremely disappointed about your actions and your consistent
behavior to undermined this committees elected duties. As you may recall, this is far from the
first time you have used power you are not authorized to have.

The committee is discussing our further plan of action
regarding this matter. You will be
apprised of any outcome.


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Post on Sat Sep 26, 2009 2:20 am  Guest

Seems to have worked since I cannot post in the other room anymore.

People.. you should try quitting, serioulsy it feels good. I'm personally very happy with what I've been doing with SP from 07 to 09... But 2010... I don't want to be part of it, it's far too sneaky for me.

You don't need to rush inworld to eject me from the groups as you did for Stryker, I did it myself. The rest I all sent to Shawn, and I wish him good luck dealing with you guys "working towards uniting the group".

For the final record, I don't want my name dragged in the mud like they started to do based on assumptions. I have no feeling of guilt whatsoever and the important thing for me is to know that.
Second Pride? I've lost faith that some people in this committee will stop doing things behind the scene to make things go their way.

Isaiah.. Clever explanation as to why you have been messing with that account during the 24h that the vote was taken.. You have the true ability to recognise good timing for doing such things!

EDIT: I wasn't going to post this, I made it about 3-4 days ago, but Marcus said I should post it, so here it is:

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