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Treasurer Candidates Room

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Treasurer Candidates Room

Please post all questions/comments for both Candidates in this forum

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Anden Tolsen
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Anden Tolsen
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Treasurer Candidates Room :: Comments


Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 5:20 pm  Marcus Steeplechase

Eagle and Lemon: this isn't really a question.

On a personal note, I look forward to the day that Second Pride has in place programs and activities that require the organization to think and act beyond any one term in office. Despite the many and appreciated contributions from past members, the Pride culture is still mired in that transitory after-glow from bygone years, where fleeting inspirations surrender to the dull and harsh world of reinvention and redundancy. This is particularly reflected in the many mockeries we face each year: redesigning logos, kiosks, slogans, festival groups, etc. Good ideas must wait on the back burner because organizational tools must first be created, or re-created. These tools can appear at whim, at any given moment of any given year, and rejected with vigor by the next set of rulers.

Oy -I seem to be in high critical gear, but my only recourse is to forge ahead. This year's committee has produced a number of useful organizational tools: booking forms for clubs who want to fundraise, sponsor forms for feedback and planning, parade forms so groups can sign up and participate, etc. It is somewhat disheartening that all this work will likely be tossed into the SP avatar broom closet because there are no constants except for that SP cultural imperative "each year the new committee gets to set their own blah blah blah". Why is that?



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Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:47 pm  Rimpoche Kiama

And how come we don't get tea at meetings?

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 2:31 am  Lemonodo Oh

This question seems to be unanswerable to your satisfaction, regardless of who serves as your Treasurer. Second Pride and the people associated with it is perhaps slightly different in outlook than you are used to, but nonetheless I for one am very open to suggestion and welcome many aspects of your vision for positive change. I have given nuanced answers to this previously, and I hope you take each response in the best light, considering it comes from someone with a different background doing his best as Ambassador and candidate for Treasurer to respond immediately and persuasively to your concerns. I think this speaks to why we can't suddenly find a magical way to keep things out of the closet.

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:49 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

ok.....NO more tea for Rim! I mean it! *locks all tea, tea drinking, serving, making items in a closet*

It is unfortunate that there was little in the way of "forms", etc "passed on". However, some of what we are currently doing this year has not been done yet or as fully, in previous years. I mean no disrespect. This "organization" is but a few years old and so growth is the word of the day, I think. So, "forms", etc would not be available as they were not created or not as fully developed. This year, we are "forging" ahead with the groundwork that was laid, growing, adding, changing, all for the better, with our entire community in mind. Growth happens, without it we would all be "dead in the water". will be the "father of the forms"! Hoooo!
And, I can say...."I knew him when his nails were nothing, no color, no shape" Laughing

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 4:58 pm  Marcus Steeplechase

Lemonodo and Eagle, thank you both for your answers. Here's another non-question, because I learn much better from dialog and hearing ideas.

Some information that we've received from our event booking form entitled "Hold a Second Pride fundraiser" ...

In total, the form went out to 82 LGBT groups and clubs, and positive responses have been received from precisely 4.

This includes 27 Lesbian clubs and groups. Only 8 accepted the notecard, and 6/8 said they were not interested in a SP fundraiser. The other 2 haven't replied. The results were similar across the board.

The awful truth is: perhaps Second Pride is a legend in its own mind. One can argue that it's early in the Pride year, but I doubt many of these groups ever held fundraisers in the past. At any rate, where is the excitement and enthusiasm, and inclusion?

As some posts indicate (or exemplify) there is often more hostility and in-fighting in SP than any true attempt to reach out to the LGBT community. We can talk all we want about WHO we represent, but another awful truth is it cost exactly 100L to form Second Pride, and the only way you are going to grow the organization is to bring together the talented avatars, the clubs and groups, and the energetic volunteers. We need more structure.

Another element to consider regarding Second Pride "culture" is the tendency to promote or discuss personalities and titles rather than ideas and hard work. No one out there really cares if our treasurer is Bernie Madock. And they won't care until we come up with plans and activities that get their attention, win their respect, and harness their own creativity.

(Jeez, I'd vote for Bernie if he gave me a kiosk)



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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:45 pm  Lemonodo Oh

We all share your frustration over apathy, but suffice it to say, we celebrate your many successes too. Each of us who so wishes is maintaining the compelling fascination Second Pride will always have as an annual festival comparable to annual Pride celebrations localized all over the world.

Many interested people are also actively resolving outstanding fundamental differences in Second Pride in these pages and elsewhere, and this needs to be understood as being about more than bickering, hostility and in-fighting. That said, if we just get giddy and follow every grandiose whim and become a mighty one-stop shop, we could be competing against ourselves for the attention we direly need at festival time. Also, if we add much more structure, we add fertile gound for precisely the hostility and in-fighting you decry. Is it impossible for us to proceed with the excellent structure we have in place? I perceive no difficulty whatsoever.

Arrow Bernie Madoff is widely seen as the exemplar of a leading financial figure who violated financial trust. The failure of his scam continues to impact our economy globally and I hesitate to say even you individually, and he has reduced many individual people and non-profits to near impoverishment. Please let us never conflate your candidates for Treasurer of Second Pride with the likes of Mr Madoff even in jest. In the meantime, your Acting Treasurer is more than happy to provide you with kiosks when and where needed.

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