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two questions for both candidates, and asking one a second time for Lemonodo

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two questions for both candidates, and asking one a second time for Lemonodo

I thought I would copy/paste the origional question as well as including some more as it may have been missed under the candidate's speeches.

For both candidates:

#1. I believe that oversights do generally happen from time to time. Could you speculate on a permanent system of accountability and how it would look?

#2. Having a general idea of the committee's current direction and goals, can you see yourself fitting with these or do you see yourself taking a different direction?

And once again, for Lemonodo:

#3. Lemonodo, I have to say I'm very impressed! It's a CV that an accounting agency wouldn't shrug off.

I would however like to bring up one issue that is sticking in my mind as being important, and that is your resignation in Pride 09 so late in the build process. I think the committee and the membership need to understand why this happened because even though you do have a stellar CV and a clear understanding of the post, the resignation sticks in my mind at least as an issue needing clarification.

Can you please clarify and amplify what actually happend so we can get a clearer understanding? My impression is that you (personally) don't generally walk away from the task at hand (given your exemplary experience listed!) without good reasons. Could you share those reasons with us please?

Thank you!

If you believe you can or cannot do something, you are right!
Rimpoche Kiama
SP10 Presiding Chair

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two questions for both candidates, and asking one a second time for Lemonodo :: Comments


Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:22 am  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

I would refer to my speech as for accountability. First for me, it begins with more than one set of eyes. The old question comes to mind....who is watching the watcher. Employing simple accounting programs/systems assist in accountability. There are other programs available however, as I have not used them as yet, I cannot comment on them. Again, as I spoke of, seeking out others who have more knowledge of particular programs/systems whose function is that of maintaining secure and safe "accounting". This is of utmost importance given the direction this current Committee "sees" for Second Pride. I am excited at the idea of expansion and becoming more, growing, adding to our fundraising "work", offering so much more to our entire community. I enjoy challenges, doing different things, doing things differently.

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Post on Thu Sep 17, 2009 1:32 am  Lemonodo Oh

  1. Effective June 1, 2009, we now have in place a document that enumerates basic standards of accountability of Officers. Although minor concerns of accountability persist, favorable disposition of an amendment providing for oath of office effectively cures those concerns. The Charter provides for reasonable sanctions if a Committee member or Ambassador overreaches authority, violates certain community standards or fails to carry out certain duties crucial to the success of Second Pride as defined under the Charter.

  2. Just as the US Constitution serves as a framework for governing a radically changed society over time, the Charter is likewise. When I talk to voters, I see a vision already radically advanced from 2009 when I actively served. See Arrow Open Letter and I mention a private communication that went, "It takes money to make money." However, I am still in contact with people who ask me something like the following: "Just what do you think you're doing? Something that has to do with Pride or something that has to do with money. Please choose." As an interested member of Second Pride and as a candidate for office, I feel called to balance each antithetical view without resorting to mere compromise if possible, but instead achieve true synthesis.

  3. It appears my detailed exposition of an unfortunate incident during my service as Building Chair 2009 previously given on this forum in connection with campaign statements for office this term has either been moved or removed. I stood by the work of a general member of Second Pride who served on my team based on my positive interpretation of artistic statement for which there was broad support in the Committee and staff, but not consensus. While I carefully documented my interpretation by reference to recent art and architectural expression of prominent others, ultimately I swept this aside when we were faced with an emergent prurient interpretation of the work and threats to disrupt the festival that would have been extremely difficult to deal with had they been carried out. In the heat of discussing this in executive session, I offered a pro forma resignation, which was not accepted. Ultimately, I effectively and politely accommodated the needs of Second Pride leadership to take certain steps to ensure clarity of message untainted by hint of accused impropriety, no matter how specious. Please regard these circumstances in the best possible light, as I feel all directly involved at the time did precisely that, much to their credit.

    NB: I just found the missing reference and I trust you will find reasonable consistency given the time that has passed: Arrow el resultado es el proceso

Last edited by Lemonodo Oh on Thu Sep 17, 2009 9:40 pm; edited 1 time in total (Reason for editing : found article reference)

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