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Special Election Meeting Summary 09-13-09

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Special Election Meeting Summary 09-13-09

SP10 Treasurer Chair Special Election Summary
September 13, 2009 11AM SLT
Second Pride Headquarters

Meeting called to order at 11:13am SLT by Anden Tolsen, SP10 Secretary (Co Chair)

Role Call
Committee: Rimpoche Kiama, Anden Tolsen, Marcus Steeplechase, Isaiah Tolsen, Keokipele Ansar, Kiroja Fluffy, and Kefir Lamont
Ambassadors: DannielScarlet Destiny, Stryker Jenkins, Eric Quimby, Lemonodo Oh, and Helyo Mendes
Registered Voters: Kharissa Indigo, Yummy Andrews, Philip Eubanks, and Meatjockey Lederberg
Others Present: AuraKyo Insoo, Genie Gide, Yukiiko DeCuir, Tripleee Korobase, Maro Fireguard, and Darien Ashbourne

Welcome (Anden Tolsen)
Good Morning Ladies and Gentelmen
I would to like thank each and everyone of you for coming today to participate in the candidate speeches. As a reminder todays Q&A will be posted in the forums for public view and will be available till the eve of election. We will be allowing questions after each candidate speech, to reduce chat in local chat please forward all questions to me and I will deliver the question to the candidate. Please refrain from speaking during candidate speeches.

Anden Tolsen, SP10 Secretary, recognizes Rimpoche Kiama, Presiding Chair.

Presiding Chair Statement (Rimpoche Kiama)
Recently it has come to the attention of the 2010 Committee that a
former Second Pride chair and candidate for ambassador logged into the
pre-election Treasurer forum assuming two identities. At the least,
this is a childish move, designed solely to stir up trouble. At the
most, this is a dangerous action, signifying that if this person were
an ambassador, and if the alt was a voting member, that person could
be casting two votes today. As it happened, they did use the two
characters to influence or sway opinion, which in itself is a cynical
and fraudulent move. Interfering with elections is a criminal act, and as an organization, Second Pride will not tolerate this behavior. In a democratic
process, the membership deserves complete honesty in voting, and you
have a right to feel concerned as we do, that this event could take
place. Thank you.

Anden Tolsen, SP10 Secretary, recognizes Keokipele Ansar, Membership Chair

Membership Chair Statement (Keokipele Ansar)
Welcome, all. A proposal had been brought forward by one of our honored Ambassadors regarding this Special Election to fill the Treasurer vacancy on the Second Pride 2010 Committee. I remind all present that the motion can only be voted on by the current standing Committee Members, the Ambassadors and those general members present who are currently members of the "Second Pride Registerd Voters" user group at In the interest of fairness to both Candidates, it has been proposed that ALL questions for both candidates be addressed to them only in the "SP10 TREASURER CHAIR SPECIAL ELECTIONS" forum at Therefore, it is my duty as Membership Representative to move that ALL questions regarding candidacy and qualifications for the Treasurer Chair on the Second Pride 2010 Committee be directed to the above referenced forum location. A majority of "Aye" votes will carry the motion; a majority of "Nay" votes will allow questions to be directed to Mr. Oh here today following his statement.

DannielScarlet Destiny second the motion. Motion passed.

Candidate Statements (EagleWoman Lightfoot & Lemonodo Oh)

Keokipele Ansar presented EagleWoman Lightfoots Candidacy statement, as she was absent from todays meeting. Ms. Lightfoots statement may be viewed at:

Anden Tolsen, SP10 Secretary, recognizes Lemonodo Oh, Candidate

Leomonodo Oh presented his candidacy statement. Mr. Ohs statement may be viewed at:

Closing Remarks (Anden Tolsen)
This concludes todays live speeches from the SP10 Treasurer Candidates. On behalf of the Second Pride Committee we thank each and every one of you for taking the time to participate. As reminder the speeches will be posted today for your review at Each candidates forum will be open for questions until the eve of the Elections. Should you have any questions please forward them to Thank you again and have a wonderful day!

Meeting was adjourned at 11:39am SLT.

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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