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Candidate: EagleWoman Lightfoot

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Candidate: EagleWoman Lightfoot

Hello to all....members of Second Pride and Committee and Ambassadors

Thank you for giving me this opportunity to present myself for the office of Treasurer.

Since the first day that I joined Second Pride, I have done my best to "serve" as and where our community needed it. I worked diligently from the very beginning, seeing the great need, the work still needing to be done. I did my very best to provide what was asked for and more.

I have been a member of this community, a "card carrying" member of Pride (RL) for a very long time. I have continued in my efforts to assist by becoming Co-Chair for Events Management this year, 2010. In this capacity, I am able to continue to work, to provide opportunities for this group to grow and to assist those in need through our raising of funds. I am proud to be a part of Second Pride, proud to be of assistance to those in great need.

I am also very excited to see what the future holds as we raise our eyes to other endeavors that are possible, as we continue to work together. While fundraising is an honorable and noble thing, there are more ways to "help" others, more things that "we" can do.

There are many who just need a "safe" place to go, need an "ear", need to feel they are "part" of this community, need information they may not have access to or are afraid to ask for, due to where they live perhaps. As we look to the future, I can see how we may be able to provide for those needs as a group. This, I see, is our ultimate provide funds but also assistance, information and "humanity" to our community.
Having said that, this year's ambitious fundraising goal is to raise $3million L! As Treasurer, I will do everything I can to to facilitate and assist reaching "our" goal. Our sponsors are a big part of that goal. I will, as Treasurer, treat each fairly, responsibly and with respect. I will make sure sponsors have clear, understandable information as to what they are entitled to as a sponsor at the "level" they choose. There will be no "special" cases, no "extras" due to a large donation other than what is laid out in our sponsor levels.

As your Treasurer, I will strive to protect the integrity of the collected funds, add and maintain transparency to the system and ensure that the system of collection and reporting is sound and safe. I will also find and employ a system or program that assists in streamlining the collection and reporting process. I see that, as my main objective as Treasurer, to keep the system safe, straightforward and provide transparent reporting to our membership. As we grow and explore our horizons, this will be of utmost importance.

In order to achieve that goal, I will employ the use of financial programs as necessary and garner assistance from those who may know more about those and/or other systems than I. I am prepared to seek assistance from someone who has great RL experience in management and safety of funds and anyone else who has something to offer. Together, we will set up an "accountability" system which will provide safety for our Treasury, thereby reducing any "lack of trust" there may be...or may have been in the past.

Those of you who know me and have worked with me, know me to be honest, loyal, hard-working and straightforward. I am not afraid to ask a hard question nor to stand up for what is right. I am reliable and open to ideas and possibilities. I have always done my best to do what is right for all, rather than for "one", or myself.

Thank you for your consideration of me as your Treasurer. It would be an honor and priviledge to continue to work with and for all of you.

EagleWoman Lightfoot, Candidate for Treasurer, 2010

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Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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Candidate: EagleWoman Lightfoot :: Comments


Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 1:54 am  philip eubanks

My question to you is this: this position you may take on is a time consuming position that takes not only knowledge, but dedication. We as a group need to feel secure with the decision of the person to take on this roll. These special elections take time and energy that is time away from the cause of SP. Let us know that you are not only willing, but open to suggestion, criticism and praise that are demanded in this position. Thank you, Philip Eubanks

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Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 12:53 pm  Gast


As you know I used SL Transaction viewer to load, collect, filter and report all transaction data form the Second Pride avatar. And I used it to make the financial reports that can be found on our website.

Question 1:
What will the general membership notice as a difference between the reporting up till now and the way you plan to do it? Or will you continue in the same way I did it?

Question 2:
What will you do or not do to insure the privacy of the general membership?

Question 3:
Do you need RL help from someone to help you be the treasurer? If so, who will that be and what will that persons tasks be? And what type of access will that person have to the accounts?

Question 4:
Accountability is good. But will only work if the accountant also has access to the raw data from the Second Pride avatar to compare it to the reports you produce. Does that mean that multiple people will get access to the private account?

Question 5:
Up till now your an active part of the events committee. Will you end that to avoid any form of conflicting activities or appearance of favoritism?

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Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:28 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

good morning

Philip, the best way I can answer is this: even while there is this election occurring, I continue to "focus" on my current "job", which is the upcoming Art Walk Event. This is no small task but it is my task at hand, if you will and is how I continue to work for the main "cause" of Second Pride, which is, in my capacity of Co-Chair of Events, to continue to provide events inworld to further benefit our charity this year as well as to bring ALL of our community together. This last part pertains to one of Stryker's comments regarding "favoritism", I think. Second Pride, LGBT, Pride in RL is not separatist. All of our current Committee, are committed to the inclusion of ALL our community, including myself. All our current Committee members "help" each other and are open to ideas, criticisms, suggestions, etc.

Having "help" in finding ways of accountability does not suggest that there will be a bevy of people with access to SP AV or it's account, rather, it is about opening to ways of accountability and reporting to the Committee and Membership. The SL Transaction Viewer may or may not be used, there may be other programs used in conjunction, if the SL Trans. Viewer used. The point is, I will work at finding those programs, people, solutions that will provide the best possible accountability, reporting and safety of funds to the Second Pride Membership. If there is a question of "privacy", that will be handled as needed. As I referred to in my speech, I will seek out people who have "specialized" experience. There are 2 people thus far who would be open to assisting. One of whom has 15 years (RL) experience in Risk Management for banks, the other in a well known, well established Accounting/Tax firm.

I think I got everything! lol
(really, I'd like to just sit back and do my nails like Marc does now....his nails are flawless!) Laughing

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Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 2:38 pm  Gast


Will you continue as co-chair on the events team if you would be elected as treasurer? If so, do you think that in it self may pose a conflict of interest?

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Post on Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:15 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

If I were elected to this Chair position, it would not be prudent to continue my current Co-Chair duties. Having said that, I would help/offer assistance to another Chair at any time, given my "duties" as Treasurer were fully cared for.

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Post on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:51 am  Rimpoche Kiama


How important is it do you think for a Treasurer to reach beyond the duties of accounting?

If you could change anything about the position or the system used, what would it be?

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Post on Tue Sep 15, 2009 11:51 am  Rimpoche Kiama

To both the candidates, where do you see Second Pride in 10 years time?

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Post on Tue Sep 15, 2009 4:21 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

To me, Pride, whether here in SL or in RL is about reaching out, helping each other, making a difference in the world, both to each other and to the "world at large" and.....enjoying each other, the differences as well as the "samenesses". Working together to build.

Here in SL, we have a unique opportunity to "reach" people within our community from all over the world....and what an opportunity it is!
In that light, Second Pride is and can be global. "We" can create areas within SL that are welcoming, informational in many aspects and open to our entire community as well as to any individual who seeks information and openness. All inclusive, from every corner of the globe, every part of "our" community....L-G-B-T and more. I see the possibility for the Second Pride group to become "a household name" in Second Life for it's contributions to the entire community that is Second Life. I see the "scope" even wider also, touching RL....allowing people to connect with Pride from their internet where they can't "touch" or connect with any "Pride" due to whatever life circumstances there may be. Second Pride could be the "hub" for connecting RL Pride and any and all individuals who would otherwise not be able to connect with any!

I think the importance of all Committee members to reach out to other Chairs, opportunities to assist each other and offer information, whatever the need is, is essentially what Pride is all about. As Treasurer, I would love the opportunity to be involved in other aspects of Pride, to grow, to learn, to have fun!
Celebrate Diversity! I am more than just "one" thing!

As for changes made? I would defer to my speech as I do not have the "full" scope of information as yet within the Treasury position.

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 10:33 am  Gast

Every organization changes some times... this time I asked the committee to find a new treasurer to replace me. I have come to an understanding with the other committee members that I would remain acting as treasurer for as long as the committee was still looking / electing a replacement.

That does mean that all responsibilities for the well being of the transaction history of the Second Pride avatar are mine and mine alone until such time they are give to the new treasurer.

I noticed that some other committee members spend money without informing the actting treasurer. I also notice that some other committee members made a working donation system.

Is this the proper way you as candidate treasurer think this should go?
Did you not stop to think about the consequences this action would have?
Do you plan on ignoring rules and agreements like these when you are Treasurer?
Do you allow other committee members to directly interfere with your huge responsibilities?
Is the treasury really safe with with you?

I take PRIDE in my work as treasurer. Can you say the same or would you rather ramain on the events committee?

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 11:52 am  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

First, since you point a finger at me, though you do not specify "what" exactly you are pointing seems to me your intent is to inflame rather than find the truth.

1. I have acted properly in this candidacy, thank you.
2. The "consequences" of my actions are as follows: SP AV will receive donations through the simple donation script at our venues for this upcoming event. I can't wait! It will be an awesome event!
3. I do not ignore rules and I did not. I was asked to look into a way of SP AV receiving funds, as Events Management Co-Chair and the lead on this upcoming event, and so I did, as it was in the best interest of Pride and our common goal.
4. What you may refer to as "interference", someone else, in the spirit of "our common goal", would call "working together". Especially if the people involved were NOT nasty, grabbing or shoving their view down another's throat. Rather, if they were helpful, offering suggestions, looking to the common "end", as it were.....I refer to that as "working together", which this Committee does quite well, thank you.
5. Yes, the Treasury is very safe with me, thank you.

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:03 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

oops, I forgot to add.....

The cost for the above mentioned donation script: $0L

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:28 pm  Gast

Thank you for your swift answer Eagle.

However, you totally miss the point here. The charter states that the treasurer hold full responsibility for the funds raised and the kiosk system setup and deployment.

The treasurer was not asked to help setup a donation kiosk system. Nor was he informed of the need.

Let me spell it out what I think that means for you running as candidate as treasurer. Since your clearly involved in all of this. Not just as candidate treasurer!

You did not act properly when you took it upon yourself (as order by the committee) to set up a kiosk system. You did not give the acting treasurer the change to "work together" with you or the rest of the committee. It was not your job to setup a kiosk system. And it falls beyond your current responsibilities.

  • You acted as treasurer which your clearly are not (yet). That is improper and a conflict of interest.
  • The consequence of this action taken by you and the committee is that the donation gather during that great event can not be properly administrated and are thus NOT transparent.
  • So you ignored rules by acting alone, and not inform the current treasurer.
  • You and the committee interfered in the way the treasurer does his job.

I have read your answer carefully. And I do not intent to inflame any situation. I am only stating my opinion and facts of your way of handling stuff.

My questions in response to your answer:
  1. Can you only work with people you get along with?
  2. Do you realize how many people you will be forced to come across as Treasurer?
  3. If you can't take the time to inform the current acting treasurer of what your doing just because you don't like him. And stating that the way you interact with other people will reflect on the Second Pride organization itself. How will you manage communication and information flow with other people you don't like in the future?

Thus I can only come to one conclusion. The treasury is NOT SAFE with you (or this committee).
I urge all readers / voters to reconsider if they where planning on electing you as Treasurer.
And I would suggest you drop out of the race for treasurer all together and stick with what your good at... (Yes I do recognize your strong points as well.)

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 12:30 pm  Gast

The Second Pride avatar hold in it's inventory a fully functional donation kiosk system that has been proven at one of OUR great events. So why you would use any other system is strange and suspect.

There is even a sponsorship deal that needs to be homered for the use of that. But I guess you did not know that.

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 1:18 pm  Eaglewoman Lightfoot

Thank you for your input. I will remain a candidate for Treasurer of Second Pride 2010.
As for your....remarks, please refer to my earlier post.

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Post on Fri Sep 18, 2009 7:07 pm  DannielScarlet Destiny

Members, Committee and Fellow Ambassadors,

Yet again I continue to be surprised by posts made in this forum.

The acting treasurer has made an allegation that money is being spent without information being given to him. I am not going to go into this since I do not have any information apart from what has been stated, but trust that the committee will take the necessary steps to ensure there is clear financial accountability and investigate this internal issue as is the donation kiosk issue internal. I would just state that having a kiosk system without the input of the treasurer who knows what reports are required seems quite surprising (and on this point I speak from experience having had to get the kiosks for SP2009 out last year).

I will however comment on the response made by EagleWoman Lightfoot to the Acting Treasurers questions. This is a forum for questions and answers to give the voting membership a clear view of each candidates suitability for the position.

Having worked with you last year to ensure the success of SP2009, I am, to say the very least, very disappointed.

It is deplorable in the way in which you have responded to questions raised by Stryker. This is a forum for debatenot to take personal views of yours and air them in public. It is quite clear that there seems to be animosity between you and Stryker but this is not the place for that.

As a candidate for such an important post who will indeed need to work with many in SL I find your attitude here quite despicable and beneath the standard upon which a Treasurer should behave and put forward their answers to important questions, almost brushing them aside with contempt for the person asking valid questions and even going so far as to insult a committee members personality quite disgusting.

To date all your responses have been made politely, but here you have shown hostility and it appears to me that the questions remain unanswered. It would appear also that Strykers second set of questions would appear to be a fair appraisal of your inability and suitability for this position since you seem to deem it above yourself to respond.

DannielScarlet Destiny

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Post on Sat Sep 19, 2009 1:55 am  Meatjockey Lederberg

But is this an election forum, or a kindergarten? Or Drama Class?

This is for Stryker:

And since it's been pointed out that the treasurer "...hold full responsibility for the ... kiosk system setup and deployment" then where was the treasurer's kiosk. Why is it necessary to create another.

Was the treasurer living under a rock somewhere? Even the landing page for has a full poster of the Art Walk at which I would assume, being a Second Pride event, a kiosk would be needed.

Again, "The treasurer was not asked to help setup a donation kiosk system. Nor was he informed of the need." Did the treasurer bother to ask?

"You did not act properly when you took it upon yourself (as order by the committee) to set up a kiosk system. You did not give the acting treasurer the change to "work together" with you or the rest of the committee. It was not your job to setup a kiosk system. And it falls beyond your current responsibilities."

Sounds to me like someone pissed in someone's sandbox.

All in all a shocking display. I've been hearing all about Peace, Love, Unity & Equality. It's quite another thing to see it in action.

In short, the gay community in Second Life deserves better than this. If you're up for it, you get my vote. Pride can be all about transcending boundaries, not hiding behind them. How about it?

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Post on Sat Sep 19, 2009 11:00 am  Guest

Meatjockey Lederberg wrote:But is this an election forum, or a kindergarten? Or Drama Class?

This is for Stryker:

Meatjockey, I respect your opinion but I beleive at this point from your comments here and in the other candidate's page that it's not a mistery to anyone anymore as to whom you favor. Which is your right and anyone is entitled to have a favorite.

Stryker is not the best example of not stirring up drama I am the first to admit.
But you're not helping and have not considered any of the valid points raised here by opening a debate with him on another candidate's page, so you cannot claim to have perspective and a neutral look on this, you are yourself participating in the continuity of what you accused this forum to be in your quote above when clearly dismissing information to favor someone.

And no, the Treasurer should not have had to ask himself since it was said by the candidate on this page that communication in the committee had no problems. So if it does indeed he would have been told. As it was always the case in SP until now and apparently still this year.

You asked where the treasurer's kiosk was -> answer: in the inventory of the Second Pride avatar and available on request. There is no reason why he would not have been provided if asked. He never lived under a rock and is probably the most reachable person here as he's rarely not online, checks e-mails more than once a day and is highly available in general.

I won't answer the rest of the questions because I beleive even you could, I am just going to suggest to Stryker to stop feeding "out of topic" messages here by replying himself to personal messages and for people to also not make this topic about Stryker.

I will leave it to EagleWoman Lightfoot to post the next message in the hope that this way we can get back on track after she will have re-directed the discussions to be about her election.

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Post on Sat Sep 19, 2009 8:33 pm  Meatjockey Lederberg

I favour clarity and respect over the choice of any single candidate. I thought that these forums were for asking questions, not an opportunity to chew people out in public. While as you admit, Stryker's posts have been "out of topic," they have unfortunately become the topic.

Stryker accused EagleWoman of spending money without authorization. EagleWoman clarified that she spent $0 on a script. Case closed. But then... we get into whose JOB it was to set things up. All of a sudden, EagleWoman had overreached her authority. All of a sudden the treasury would "NOT BE SAFE..."

This was further fuelled by Danniel's post, which might better have been expressed in IM, or by email. Instead, he used the Eaglewoman's own forum to say some demeaning and very disparaging things about her, and turn what could have been a respectful, on-topic exchange into a feeding frenzy.

It's ironic to the extreme that such a reprehensible public display is taking place during the election for Treasurer. One of the principal assets of any organization is its' good name - or in marketing terms - the brand value. Since it is the primary obligation of the Treasurer to protect the assets of the organization; and since Second Pride has no other assets to speak of, protecting and furthering the name of Second Pride becomes one of the Treasurer's primary responsibilities.

That responsibility is also incumbent upon the Ambassadors, who should know better.

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