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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes September 6, 2009

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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes September 6, 2009

Post  Anden Tolsen on Fri Sep 11, 2009 5:16 pm

SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes
September 6, 2009 11AM SLT

Committee Members:
Present: Rimpoche Kiama, Anden Tolsen, Marcus Steeplechase, Isaiah Tolsen, Keokipele Ansar, and Kiroja Fluffy
Absent: Kefir Lamont and Stryker Jenkins

Others Present:
Agent Strangelove

Meeting was called to order by Rimpoche Kiama at 11:12am SLT

Anden Tolsen emailed minutes from 08/30/09 meeting to Committee for approval. The minutes were accepted and approved by all Chairs.

New Business

Resignation of Stryker Jenkins
- On September 1, 2009 Stryker Jenkins has submitted his resignation as SP10 Treasurer via email.
- Rimpoche Kiama MOTIONED that the resignation of Stryker Jenkins be accepted by the SP10 Committee. Anden Tolsen Second. 5 Ayes:0 Nay:1 Abstain:1 Absent
-The resignation of Mr. Jenkins was accepted by the Committee. Mr. Jenkins will remain SP10 Treasurer until replacement is elected/appointed.

Second Pride Kiosk
-Rimpoche Kiama is to follow up with Stryker Jenkins in regards to status of Donation Kiosks.
- Committee is looking into modifying kiosk used at the Teahouse of August Moon.
-Agent Strangelove will create/build back up donation kiosk should the need arise.

Sponsor Packs
-Keokipele Ansar posted final draft of the Sponsorship Packs on Google documents for committee review. Mr. Ansar stated that the kiosks need to be completed first before the Committee is able to accept Sponsorships.
-Keokipele Ansar is to follow up with Kiroja Fluffy, Zack Preminger, or Jace Lewis in regards to the intent of the Banner offer, as he is unsure of what this benefit entails.

Policy of Ideological Groups
-Rimpoche Kiama has shared his revisions to the Policy of Ideological Groups with the Committee.
-The Committee discussed additional statements to make policy more clear and precise.
-Committee is to work on finalizing document this week and revisit at 09/13/09 meeting.

Madison Rutledge-Ambassadorship
-Keokipele Ansar MOTIONED that the Committee votes for Madison Rutledges Ambassadorship status on the Second Pride Forums. Rimpoche Kiama second.
6 Ayes:0 Nays:1 Absent
-Keokipele Ansar is to send follow up IM/email to Madison Rutledge with the Committees decision and open vote room for Committee.

SP10 Message at Fundraisers
-Marcus Steeplechase presented a general speech to be given by Committee members representing Second Pride at Fundraising Events.
-Marcus Steeplechase and Keokipele Ansar are to work on Public Appearance Spreadsheet and post on Google documents for Chairmen to sign up for events.

Fundraising Events
-Keokipele Ansar has been sending out Introductory Notecards with Fundraising Application to groups found in the in world search. To date Mr. Ansar has delivered over 70 notecards and 3 have expressed interest.
-Chairs are to pass on group/club names to Keokipele Ansar to streamline communications and avoid spamming of these groups.
-Kiroja Fluffy shared the importance of diversifying the groups/clubs we are reaching out to for Fundraising Events.
-Isaiah Tolsen, Marcus Steeplechase, Keokipele Ansar, and Kiroja Fluffy are to meet and brainstorm ideas to reach the masses.
-Keokipele Ansar is to consolidate all information onto a spreadsheet viewable by Committee on Google documents.

Rainbow Merchants
-Marcus Steeplechase proposed the idea of the Committee adopting a program called Rainbow Merchants. This program allows a person to attain Sponsorship levels through the donations of services and objects.
-Keokipele Ansar stated the importance of guarding against the loss of revenue by taking on an excessive amount of Rainbow Merchants.
- Committee will continue further discussion and research before making a decision.

-Marcus Steeplechase MOTIONED that the SP10 Committee send a satisfaction survey to a target group, SP09 Festival Merchants, to predict a rate of return for the 2010 Festival. Rimpoche Kiama second. 6 Ayes:0 Nays:1 Absent
-Keokipele Ansar has started a draft for the Survey and will have it finalized and sent out within 48 hours.

The Laramie Project
-Marcus Steeplechase shared information about a member that expressed interest in producing this play alongside the Second Pride Committee.
-Further discussion has been tabled to next Committee meeting.

Sponsorship of Adult-Oriented Merchants
-Item has been tabled to next Committee Meeting
-The committee discussed current pros/cons they are faced with.

Rimpoche Kiama MOTIONED that the meeting be adjourned. Isaiah Tolsen second. 5 Ayes:0 Nays: 2 Absent

Meeting was adjourned at 2:13pm SLT
Next Meeting: September 13, 2009
Location: TBD

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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