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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes August 9, 2009

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SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes August 9, 2009

Post  Anden Tolsen on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:16 pm

Second Pride 2010
Committee Meeting Minutes
August 9, 2009 11:00am SLT

Committee Members:
Present: Rimpoche Kiama, Anden Tolsen, Marcus Steeplechase, Kefir Lamont, and Kiroja Fluffy
Absent: Stryker Jenkins and Keokipele Ansar

Others Present:
Isaiah Tolsen, EagleWoman Lightfoot, Agent Strangelove, Vixus Snowpaw, and Gregor Qinan

Meeting was called to order at 11:15am SLT by Rimpoche Kiama

Anden Tolsen MOTIONED that the dialogue from the previous meeting serve as the minutes and be approved. Marcus Steeplechase Second. Passed in favor unanimously.

Presiding Chair Report
-Rimpoche shared that Zack Preminger is away at a Leadership Building training camp and that he would be willing to share his training with the committee should we be interested.

New Business
SP10 Code of Conduct for Guests

-Kefir shared the Second Pride Festival Code of Conduct for all guests. The statement can be viewed on the Google documents site:

-The security team will not be wearing uniforms this year, as the group tag will suffice
- Kefir requests that the SP avatar send group notices to previous security members to join the new group.
-Kefir has opened a forum on the website to discuss edits to the Code of Conduct
-The committee is to provide input on the Code of Conduct document in the SP forums and Kefir will share all notes accumulated throughout the week at the next Committee Meeting
-Kefir is to reword disclaimer in the beginning of the Staff and Volunteer page.

Teahouse of August Moon Update
- Marcus and Kiroja have looked at the set for the upcoming event, which is temporarily located on a platform in the sky.
- The set is available for all Chairs to tour. Marcus is to send LM for location
-The cast has been assembled 100%. Marcus shared cast list with all Chairs present. - There will be 2 dress rehearsals for the event
(1) Friday night before the event and
(2) Thursday time TBD
-EagleWomen confirmed that the video arrangements have been scheduled for the Friday rehearsals and the Event itself. Lark and Code will primarily be recording.
-Marcus distributed link to location that has free outfits for event.
-Marcus requested from Kefir security presence at the event.
-Kiroja and Marcus are to discuss final details for builds and landscaping
-Isaiah is to research cost for placing ads and banners on SLX.
-Isaiah is to create marketing strategy for event including: LL login, marketing ads for classifieds
-Isaiah is to report to committee by midweek with updates on progress

Love Sim
-Marcus is to speak to Atom Burma
-Team discussed Love tunnel Ride/amusement Park rides advertisement
-Events will be reconsidering the cake build, pending conversation with the Build Team.
- Events, Marketing and Build are to meet and discuss further about Wedding Sim. Must report back by 30 days SP10 Parade September Art Walk
- The event is still in the discussion stages. Events will be meeting tomorrow to discuss details.
-Events is to update committee next week Front page and link to hosting fundraiser - Marcus presented the document Keo and him worked on for interested parties.
-Marcus, Keo, Isaiah are to meet to discuss posting on the website.
-Rimpoche delegated Webmaster task to the Marketing Chair.

SP10 Events
-Marcus and EagleWomen have submitted a draft of possible "themes/ideas" for the upcoming monthly events
- It is viewable on the Google Documents

Marcus MOTIONED that the Events team move forward with current ideas for upcoming events. Anden Tolsen Second. Passed in favor unanimously.

Second Pride Festival Group
- Isaiah shared a link that you can copy and paste into local/private chat that will invite individuals to join the new permenant Second Pride Festival Group.
-As a reminder the link can only be copied and pasted into Local chat or private IM, not notices.
-Build crew and cam make an object to click that has the link come up.

Donation Kiosk
-They will not be available in time for the Teahouse event
-Committee needs to decide on alternative system for collecting donations.
-Rimpoche is to search the SP av inventory for possible tip jars to be used temporarily.

Rimpoche MOTIONED that Kiosks be placed on the agenda for next week. Anden Tolsen second. Passed in favor unanimously.

-Anden Tolsen is working on an amendment proposal for the charter. If you have any edits you would like noted please forward to Anden Tolsen.
-The committee has recognized that there are several misspellings and certain issues that need further clarification.

Rimpoche MOTIONED that the meeting adjourned. Anden Tolsen second. Passed in favor unanimously.

Next meeting is scheduled for August 16, 2009 11am SLT

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Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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SP10 Committee Meeting Dialogue August 9, 2009

Post  Anden Tolsen on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:18 pm

SP10 Committee Meeting Dialogue
August 9, 2009 11am SLT

[2009/08/09 11:10] Rimpoche Kiama: Which brings me to ask....are the minutes of the previous meeting in order, and may we adopt them as being read?
[2009/08/09 11:10] Anden Tolsen: I didnt put out a summary this week
[2009/08/09 11:10] Marcus Steeplechase: sure, they looked good
[2009/08/09 11:10] Anden Tolsen: the Dialogue for the last meeting will serve as the minutes
[2009/08/09 11:11] Rimpoche Kiama: *nods*
[2009/08/09 11:11] Anden Tolsen: If that is acceptable by all
[2009/08/09 11:11] Kefir Lamont: Yes
[2009/08/09 11:11] Agent Strangelove: Aye.
[2009/08/09 11:11] Marcus Steeplechase: y
[2009/08/09 11:11] Rimpoche Kiama: Anden wno't be available for a couple of unless we have any volunteers, I guess I'm acting secretary?
[2009/08/09 11:11] Rimpoche Kiama: won't.
[2009/08/09 11:12] Anden Tolsen: Isaiah has volunteered
[2009/08/09 11:12] Anden Tolsen: to record minutes
[2009/08/09 11:12] Rimpoche Kiama: Fabulous!
[2009/08/09 11:12] Rimpoche Kiama: Thanks Izzy!
[2009/08/09 11:12] Isaiah Tolsen: :-D
[2009/08/09 11:12] Rimpoche Kiama: ok let's get the party rolling kids.....Kefir, Rules for Festival Guests.

[2009/08/09 11:13] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hey Kiro
[2009/08/09 11:13] Kefir Lamont: O.k. well Both Myself and Vixus have had meetings the last few weeks to go over existing rules, polices and such. We have finalized a Pending draft, which is availible on the Google Documents for review.
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kiroja Fluffy: heyo, fashionably late I hope
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kefir Lamont: Direct Links
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kefir Lamont:
[2009/08/09 11:14] Rimpoche Kiama: Smile
[2009/08/09 11:14] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hehe
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kefir Lamont: for sim rule and policies
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kiroja Fluffy: vixus is about to log in
[2009/08/09 11:14] Agent Strangelove grins and notes his watch winking to everyone.
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kefir Lamont: For Voulinteer, staff and such
[2009/08/09 11:14] Kefir Lamont:
[2009/08/09 11:14] Marcus Steeplechase watches Agent's watch
[2009/08/09 11:15] Kefir Lamont: Also as a team, We decided not to use Any Logo's t-shirts or other uniforms for the security team. The Group tag will be sufficent this year.
[2009/08/09 11:15] Kiroja Fluffy: tsk tsk tsk vixus, you're late
[2009/08/09 11:15] Vixus Snowpaw: G'day, sorry for being late
[2009/08/09 11:15] Vixus Snowpaw: it's kiroja's fault
[2009/08/09 11:15] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[2009/08/09 11:15] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hey Vixus
[2009/08/09 11:15] Vixus Snowpaw: Razz
[2009/08/09 11:15] Kiroja Fluffy: ^^;
[2009/08/09 11:15] Rimpoche Kiama: you're here, that's the main thing.
[2009/08/09 11:16] Kefir Lamont: My last note is that I will need the SP avatar will need to send group message to the old SP security group invitingthose who wish to voulinteer to cntact myself Or vixus. As I was removed from group access right after teh festival.
[2009/08/09 11:17] Kefir Lamont: I opened a forum topic to discuss any questions on the rules and pollicies we set p and wish to vote on the finalized set of rules by next week if possible.
[2009/08/09 11:17] Kefir Lamont: any questions?
[2009/08/09 11:17] Vixus Snowpaw raises a paw
[2009/08/09 11:18] Kefir Lamont: lol yes Vix?
[2009/08/09 11:18] Vixus Snowpaw: You told me in a one on one conversation that you have access to banlink, do you also have the package to set it up with? the relays, etc?
[2009/08/09 11:19] Kefir Lamont: YEs, I ave the relays, servers and aess to Ban link
[2009/08/09 11:19] Vixus Snowpaw smiles.
[2009/08/09 11:19] Vixus Snowpaw whispers: "
[2009/08/09 11:19] Vixus Snowpaw: thanks Smile
[2009/08/09 11:19] Rimpoche Kiama: Any other questions?
[2009/08/09 11:19] Kefir Lamont: that is a topic for a later meeting Wink
[2009/08/09 11:19] Marcus Steeplechase: so we comment in forums, and it comes back to committee/
[2009/08/09 11:20] Kefir Lamont: unls e-mail would be better, I opened up the forum cause i tohught it easier for me.
[2009/08/09 11:20] Kiroja Fluffy: these rules look very familiar *smirks*
[2009/08/09 11:20] Marcus Steeplechase: ok, cool. one quick note tho....
[2009/08/09 11:20] Marcus Steeplechase: on one document --it opens up...
[2009/08/09 11:20] Marcus Steeplechase: "By accepting the Second Pride group invite, you agree to follow, obey, and uphold the following rules and guidelines, and to listen to management, Chairs of the positions, and owners:"
[2009/08/09 11:21] Marcus Steeplechase: well, this is not too friendly. ;>)
[2009/08/09 11:21] Anden Tolsen: Where did you see that Marcus?
[2009/08/09 11:21] Kefir Lamont: in the staff policies
[2009/08/09 11:21] Marcus Steeplechase: Rules and Policies for Staff
[2009/08/09 11:21] Kefir Lamont: for all Staff, voulinteers ect.
[2009/08/09 11:22] Anden Tolsen: Maybe we could just re word it a bit?
[2009/08/09 11:22] Rimpoche Kiama: It's pretty legal. And I think the legal has to be in there, but yah it could warm a little.
[2009/08/09 11:22] Rimpoche Kiama: Kefir if you need help with it come see me k?
[2009/08/09 11:22] Marcus Steeplechase: legally speaking, "you agree to the conditions..etc"
[2009/08/09 11:23] Rimpoche Kiama: Alternatively....the legal stuff could go to the bottom as a footnote.
[2009/08/09 11:24] Kefir Lamont: then we can work on the opening for approval later on?
[2009/08/09 11:24] Rimpoche Kiama: Sounds like a plan.
[2009/08/09 11:24] Kefir Lamont: I know policies can take a while and are very debatible
[2009/08/09 11:24] Marcus Steeplechase: sure, it looks great Kefir!
[2009/08/09 11:25] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok so we table this for discussion on the forums, and revisit next week...agreed?
[2009/08/09 11:25] Anden Tolsen: So i think we all agree
[2009/08/09 11:25] Marcus Steeplechase: yup!
[2009/08/09 11:25] Anden Tolsen: forums
[2009/08/09 11:25] Kefir Lamont: Yes
[2009/08/09 11:25] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yep
[2009/08/09 11:25] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok!
[2009/08/09 11:25] Kiroja Fluffy: aye
[2009/08/09 11:25] Anden Tolsen: aye
[2009/08/09 11:25] Rimpoche Kiama: mah's only 20 minutes in.
[2009/08/09 11:25] Rimpoche Kiama: Marcus, Teahouse update!
[2009/08/09 11:25] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:25] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hehe
[2009/08/09 11:25] Marcus Steeplechase: ok!
[2009/08/09 11:26] Marcus Steeplechase: well, Kiro and I took a look at the set
[2009/08/09 11:26] Marcus Steeplechase: which is being warehoused on a sky platform till we get the sims
[2009/08/09 11:26] Marcus Steeplechase: and all eems to be in order
[2009/08/09 11:26] Marcus Steeplechase: *seems
[2009/08/09 11:27] Kiroja Fluffy: a lovely collection of buildings, just needs sorting what goes where
[2009/08/09 11:27] Marcus Steeplechase: right!
[2009/08/09 11:27] Marcus Steeplechase: i invite al of you to take a look at the set, before it is placed
[2009/08/09 11:27] Marcus Steeplechase: i'll send out the LM
[2009/08/09 11:27] Rimpoche Kiama: nice!
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: as for the cast....they are all god to go!
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: *good
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: i'll distribute the cast list in a minute
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: 28 people
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: almost an organizatonal nightmare for SL
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:28] Rimpoche Kiama: YAY for nightmares!
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: there will be 2 dress rehearsals
[2009/08/09 11:28] Agent Strangelove: Thats an orginized nightmare for any cast.
[2009/08/09 11:28] Marcus Steeplechase: Friday evening, before the event
[2009/08/09 11:29] Kiroja Fluffy: I had a preview of full dress earlier, it's quite something
[2009/08/09 11:29] Marcus Steeplechase: and a Thursday at some point
[2009/08/09 11:29] Rimpoche Kiama: kk good.
[2009/08/09 11:29] Marcus Steeplechase: Rim, I need to know when or if you are online in the evenings
[2009/08/09 11:29] Marcus Steeplechase: Madame Butterfly must make a rehearsal
[2009/08/09 11:29] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:29] Rimpoche Kiama: IM me after and we'll connect kk?
[2009/08/09 11:29] Marcus Steeplechase: yup
[2009/08/09 11:29] Rimpoche Kiama: I'm booking part of the friday night off so I can make it.
[2009/08/09 11:30] Marcus Steeplechase: EAgle has completed arrangements for video, I believe
[2009/08/09 11:30] Marcus Steeplechase: Eagle?
[2009/08/09 11:30] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yes
[2009/08/09 11:30] EagleWoman Lightfoot: looks like mostly Lark will "film" along with anyone else who would like to "shoot" and then she will do at least one short
[2009/08/09 11:31] EagleWoman Lightfoot: as will Code
[2009/08/09 11:31] Anden Tolsen: Is he filming both rehersals?
[2009/08/09 11:31] EagleWoman Lightfoot: I am just learning of the extra rehearsal, so will have to let them know
[2009/08/09 11:32] Marcus Steeplechase: yeah, i just am trying to plan 2nd rehearsal now
[2009/08/09 11:32] Marcus Steeplechase: stil don't have a date
[2009/08/09 11:32] EagleWoman Lightfoot: np
[2009/08/09 11:32] Marcus Steeplechase gave you Teahouse Warehouse.
[2009/08/09 11:32] Kefir Lamont: TY
[2009/08/09 11:32] Marcus Steeplechase: ok
[2009/08/09 11:33] Marcus Steeplechase: one last thing
[2009/08/09 11:33] Marcus Steeplechase: on taqhouse
[2009/08/09 11:33] Marcus Steeplechase: here is a poster with landmarks to freebie things
[2009/08/09 11:33] Marcus Steeplechase: for japanese clothing
[2009/08/09 11:33] Marcus Steeplechase gave you SP10 Teahouse Freebies.

[2009/08/09 11:34] Marcus Steeplechase: this will get distributed to clubs etc
[2009/08/09 11:34] Marcus Steeplechase: for people who don't necessarily want to spend linden on the event costumes
[2009/08/09 11:34] Marcus Steeplechase: i think that's it
[2009/08/09 11:34] Rimpoche Kiama: Questiosn?
[2009/08/09 11:34] Rimpoche Kiama: Questions even.
[2009/08/09 11:35] Marcus Steeplechase gave you SP10 Cast Info 080609.
[2009/08/09 11:35] Marcus Steeplechase: oh -one last thing!
[2009/08/09 11:35] Anden Tolsen: Nopr
[2009/08/09 11:35] Agent Strangelove: None on my end.
[2009/08/09 11:35] Marcus Steeplechase: grr...
[2009/08/09 11:36] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok one thing I wanted to ask was about using a banner to advertise on SLX
[2009/08/09 11:36] Marcus Steeplechase: Kefir --can i get 2 security, for non and for 5PM?

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Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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SP10 Committee Meeting Dialogue August 9, 2009 (cont)

Post  Anden Tolsen on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:18 pm

[2009/08/09 11:36] Marcus Steeplechase: *noon
[2009/08/09 11:36] Kefir Lamont: I will be availible for all performaces
[2009/08/09 11:36] Kiroja Fluffy: we still get together to discuss the last details on placing the builds and landscaping right marcus?

[2009/08/09 11:36] Kefir Lamont: and will get another body for you
[2009/08/09 11:36] Marcus Steeplechase: right Kiro!
[2009/08/09 11:36] Marcus Steeplechase: ok, Kefir, when it comes closer to the date, let's meet
[2009/08/09 11:36] EagleWoman Lightfoot: bodies? form security? doesn't sound good
[2009/08/09 11:36] EagleWoman Lightfoot: :/
[2009/08/09 11:37] Kefir Lamont: n/p Mrcus
[2009/08/09 11:37] Vixus Snowpaw spills coffee
[2009/08/09 11:37] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hehe
[2009/08/09 11:37] Kefir Lamont: *marcus
[2009/08/09 11:37] Vixus Snowpaw: hahaha Eagle Smile

[2009/08/09 11:37] Marcus Steeplechase: Rim?
[2009/08/09 11:37] Marcus Steeplechase: banner/
[2009/08/09 11:37] Kefir Lamont: We have to make sure Pimp behaves thats all
[2009/08/09 11:37] EagleWoman Lightfoot: lol
[2009/08/09 11:37] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:37] EagleWoman Lightfoot: no chance of that...good luck Kef
[2009/08/09 11:37] Marcus Steeplechase: a banner up on SLX?
[2009/08/09 11:37] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok what's the cost involved in getting a high-hit banner onto SlX for the teahouse event?
[2009/08/09 11:38] Marcus Steeplechase: i can investigate that
[2009/08/09 11:38] Anden Tolsen: Good question
[2009/08/09 11:38] Anden Tolsen: Since Isaiah is here..
[2009/08/09 11:38] Anden Tolsen: maybe he should look into that
[2009/08/09 11:38] Marcus Steeplechase: yes
[2009/08/09 11:38] Marcus Steeplechase: duh
[2009/08/09 11:38] Isaiah Tolsen: i can do that
[2009/08/09 11:38] EagleWoman Lightfoot: and maybe an "event ad"?
[2009/08/09 11:38] EagleWoman Lightfoot: inworld?
[2009/08/09 11:38] Marcus Steeplechase: not used to having marketing person, sowwy
[2009/08/09 11:39] Rimpoche Kiama: lol I'm with you Marcus. lol
[2009/08/09 11:39] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:39] Isaiah Tolsen: no worries...technically you still don't :-D
[2009/08/09 11:39] Isaiah Tolsen: but soon, very soon :-D
[2009/08/09 11:39] Marcus Steeplechase: so event ad would go where...
[2009/08/09 11:39] Rimpoche Kiama: Classifieds....and uh.....
[2009/08/09 11:39] Marcus Steeplechase: oh right!
[2009/08/09 11:39] EagleWoman Lightfoot: O.O
[2009/08/09 11:39] Rimpoche Kiama: I have free pics in my profile, and some land I can put ads on.
[2009/08/09 11:40] Marcus Steeplechase: i never look at classifieds except for trailer sales
[2009/08/09 11:40] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:40] Rimpoche Kiama: lol ok put the tea on a trailer.
[2009/08/09 11:40] EagleWoman Lightfoot: many use the classifieds for finding something interesting

[2009/08/09 11:40] Marcus Steeplechase: yes, great idea!
[2009/08/09 11:40] Rimpoche Kiama: And Events listing as well.
[2009/08/09 11:40] Marcus Steeplechase: added bonus: it sounds like an Isaiah job
[2009/08/09 11:40] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yes, classifieds, events listings
[2009/08/09 11:41] Rimpoche Kiama: And how about we talk to linden labs about getting some login screen press?
[2009/08/09 11:41] EagleWoman Lightfoot: that would be awesome
[2009/08/09 11:41] EagleWoman Lightfoot: didn't have any of that last year
[2009/08/09 11:41] Anden Tolsen: that would be exciting to see
[2009/08/09 11:41] Rimpoche Kiama: I can handle that if you like?
[2009/08/09 11:41] Rimpoche Kiama: ooo wait.
[2009/08/09 11:41] Rimpoche Kiama: Issy!
[2009/08/09 11:41] Rimpoche Kiama: *snap* lol
[2009/08/09 11:41] Isaiah Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:41] EagleWoman Lightfoot: jeez, for a job he doesn't have yet...he sure is getting busy
[2009/08/09 11:41] EagleWoman Lightfoot: :/
[2009/08/09 11:41] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:42] Kefir Lamont: dedication to the greater cause?
[2009/08/09 11:42] Marcus Steeplechase: we can certainly take a picture up on the Teahouse Warehouse
[2009/08/09 11:42] Kiroja Fluffy: buried in dossiers right away
[2009/08/09 11:42] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[2009/08/09 11:42] EagleWoman Lightfoot: lol
[2009/08/09 11:42] Marcus Steeplechase: can we have one more meeting before teahouse?
[2009/08/09 11:43] Rimpoche Kiama: I think we shall.
[2009/08/09 11:43] Rimpoche Kiama: possibly 2 if needed.
[2009/08/09 11:43] Marcus Steeplechase: teahouse is 13 days away
[2009/08/09 11:43] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hehehe

[2009/08/09 11:43] EagleWoman Lightfoot: he's all aflutter
[2009/08/09 11:43] Marcus Steeplechase: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:43] Isaiah Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:43] Marcus Steeplechase: why do you think i wuz smoking?
[2009/08/09 11:43] Rimpoche Kiama: Very Happy Ok Izzy can you get that stuff done by mid week and get back to us?
[2009/08/09 11:43] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:43] Rimpoche Kiama: And if you need help, poke us? Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:44] Isaiah Tolsen: we'll do
[2009/08/09 11:44] Rimpoche Kiama: Anything else?
[2009/08/09 11:44] Anden Tolsen: Nope
[2009/08/09 11:44] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok Love Sim!
[2009/08/09 11:44] EagleWoman Lightfoot: ty
[2009/08/09 11:44] Rimpoche Kiama: *sound love boat theme*
[2009/08/09 11:44] Marcus Steeplechase: well, there were great coments in Forum about it
[2009/08/09 11:45] Anden Tolsen: Thank you for being patient with us Marcus
[2009/08/09 11:45] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:45] Anden Tolsen: about reading the forums
[2009/08/09 11:45] Marcus Steeplechase: i think we need to decide if it is a "go'
[2009/08/09 11:45] Marcus Steeplechase: or did we
[2009/08/09 11:45] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:46] Marcus Steeplechase: Stryker said in forum it was approved
[2009/08/09 11:46] Rimpoche Kiama: I think we did in principle.
[2009/08/09 11:46] Marcus Steeplechase: but i don't recall that
[2009/08/09 11:46] Agent Strangelove: Aye in princable.
[2009/08/09 11:46] Kiroja Fluffy: I see a great opportunity to work with sponsoring there, I'm hoping to get one of the landscaping companies in to provide a parklike environment
[2009/08/09 11:46] EagleWoman Lightfoot: I remember the principle part....everything else is a blur
[2009/08/09 11:46] Anden Tolsen: well..we voted that it was a go
[2009/08/09 11:46] Marcus Steeplechase: ok cool
[2009/08/09 11:46] Anden Tolsen: stryker made us NOT vote in principle
[2009/08/09 11:46] Agent Strangelove: Ah yes.
[2009/08/09 11:47] Marcus Steeplechase: and it started off as a joke, but we should consider a Tunnel of Love ride -lol
[2009/08/09 11:47] EagleWoman Lightfoot: oh no
[2009/08/09 11:47] Agent Strangelove facepaws >.<
[2009/08/09 11:47] Marcus Steeplechase: I know a guy that makes amusement park rides
[2009/08/09 11:47] EagleWoman Lightfoot: you're going to hurt me a gain aren't you??
[2009/08/09 11:47] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:47] Rimpoche Kiama: lol guys, hold up he's onto something. Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:47] EagleWoman Lightfoot: damn it
[2009/08/09 11:47] Rimpoche Kiama: The rides are corny as hell but they get trafffic. Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:47] Kiroja Fluffy: marcus, I need to talk with you about that one quite soon (halloween)
[2009/08/09 11:47] Anden Tolsen: I love the
[2009/08/09 11:47] Rimpoche Kiama: Big Traffic.
[2009/08/09 11:48] EagleWoman Lightfoot: it could with marketing
[2009/08/09 11:48] Anden Tolsen: I rode all the rides last year lol
[2009/08/09 11:48] Rimpoche Kiama: me 2 hehe
[2009/08/09 11:48] Marcus Steeplechase: I just don't want to take the Love Tunnel ride with Rimmy
[2009/08/09 11:48] Marcus Steeplechase: otherwise I'm fine
[2009/08/09 11:48] Rimpoche Kiama: I'm old greg!
[2009/08/09 11:48] Rimpoche Kiama **!!Passes the flower out!!**
[2009/08/09 11:48] EagleWoman Lightfoot: they were largely unridden though and was never marketed at all

[2009/08/09 11:48] Anden Tolsen: I agree Eagle
[2009/08/09 11:48] Rimpoche Kiama: K I'd like to make a suggestion?
[2009/08/09 11:48] Marcus Steeplechase: agree
[2009/08/09 11:48] Anden Tolsen: I only found them by accident
[2009/08/09 11:48] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yep
[2009/08/09 11:48] Rimpoche Kiama: If possible, see if you can get Atom Burma on this to help.
[2009/08/09 11:49] EagleWoman Lightfoot: supposed to be the "family" part of Pride
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: that's who i was thinkjng of
[2009/08/09 11:49] Rimpoche Kiama: He might be too busy, but....hehe great. Smile
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: Atom is a great guy
[2009/08/09 11:49] Rimpoche Kiama: I remember when he was a noob. lol
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: so do i
[2009/08/09 11:49] Rimpoche Kiama: ha! Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: he designed the Galveston Texas sim
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: and an annual Carnivale
[2009/08/09 11:49] Marcus Steeplechase: my inventory is ful of his rides, so to speak
[2009/08/09 11:50] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok so tunnel of love, are we still going with the cake?
[2009/08/09 11:50] EagleWoman Lightfoot: O.O
[2009/08/09 11:50] Marcus Steeplechase: well, Kiro made a point
[2009/08/09 11:50] Marcus Steeplechase: that the cake seemed pre-decided
[2009/08/09 11:50] Marcus Steeplechase: so i'd like to explore other ideas for a sec
[2009/08/09 11:50] Kiroja Fluffy: I would like to say the main eventhall tie in with the theme we'll be picking for the build
[2009/08/09 11:50] Rimpoche Kiama: k
[2009/08/09 11:50] Kiroja Fluffy: see*
[2009/08/09 11:50] Rimpoche Kiama: *raises a hand*
[2009/08/09 11:51] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[2009/08/09 11:51] Marcus Steeplechase: sure
[2009/08/09 11:51] Rimpoche Kiama: What about a love boat....hehe sim size cruise ship?
[2009/08/09 11:51] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:51] EagleWoman Lightfoot: like the titanic?
[2009/08/09 11:51] Kefir Lamont: in the navy...
[2009/08/09 11:51] Kiroja Fluffy whispers: XD
[2009/08/09 11:51] Rimpoche Kiama: No like the tv show from the 80's. Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:51] EagleWoman Lightfoot: no, the titanic here

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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Sp10 Committee Meeting Dialogue August 9, 2009 (cont)

Post  Anden Tolsen on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:19 pm

[2009/08/09 11:51] EagleWoman Lightfoot: :p
[2009/08/09 11:51] EagleWoman Lightfoot: duh
[2009/08/09 11:52] Rimpoche Kiama: A princess cruise liner with people in costume....
[2009/08/09 11:52] Anden Tolsen: The Queen Mary
[2009/08/09 11:52] EagleWoman Lightfoot: have you not seen it?
[2009/08/09 11:52] Rimpoche Kiama: The Titanic?
[2009/08/09 11:52] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yes
[2009/08/09 11:52] Rimpoche Kiama: I thought it sunk?
[2009/08/09 11:52] Rimpoche Kiama: XD
[2009/08/09 11:52] Marcus Steeplechase: as long as it generated Linden from weddngs
[2009/08/09 11:52] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:52] Kiroja Fluffy: I think the symbolism of the titanic would be rather cruel for a wedding sim
[2009/08/09 11:52] Anden Tolsen: lol yes
[2009/08/09 11:52] Marcus Steeplechase: the main thing is to offer the wedding packages, whether it's on a boat, in agarden, or up on Mars
[2009/08/09 11:52] Anden Tolsen: Titanic wasnt a love story
[2009/08/09 11:53] Isaiah Tolsen: lmao agree
[2009/08/09 11:53] Rimpoche Kiama: mmm......zombie wedding packages.....
[2009/08/09 11:53] Agent Strangelove: I always wanted Dicapro to die at mine though... *rimshot*
[2009/08/09 11:53] Marcus Steeplechase: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:53] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LOL
[2009/08/09 11:53] Kiroja Fluffy snickers
[2009/08/09 11:53] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok so build team, what's the most impracticle to do?
[2009/08/09 11:53] Marcus Steeplechase: trivia: she blew that damn whistle 17 times before she got saved
[2009/08/09 11:53] Rimpoche Kiama: Lucky Whistle.
[2009/08/09 11:53] Anden Tolsen: Are you doing customizable wedding packages Marcus?
[2009/08/09 11:54] Agent Strangelove looks at Kiro to confer real fast.
[2009/08/09 11:54] Marcus Steeplechase: i think we have 3 packages
[2009/08/09 11:54] Rimpoche Kiama: k
[2009/08/09 11:54] Marcus Steeplechase: but haven't given it thought
[2009/08/09 11:54] Marcus Steeplechase: waiting for marketing
[2009/08/09 11:54] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[2009/08/09 11:54] Kiroja Fluffy: the most impractical? a giant wedding cake on the titanic that actually floats around the pride grounds, that would be impractical as hell
[2009/08/09 11:54] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LMAO
[2009/08/09 11:54] Marcus Steeplechase: ROFL
[2009/08/09 11:54] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:54] Isaiah Tolsen: ROFL
[2009/08/09 11:54] Rimpoche Kiama: ooooo I vote for that!!!
[2009/08/09 11:54] Rimpoche Kiama: second!?
[2009/08/09 11:55] Marcus Steeplechase: hmm..a Mormon colony --Second Bride?
[2009/08/09 11:55] Agent Strangelove: Mars, the teleports on the simt o get em up to space would drive the sim to a handbasket. Mega prims to create false space.
[2009/08/09 11:55] Rimpoche Kiama: lmao
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: getting back on subject...
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: what are we discussing?
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: lol

[2009/08/09 11:55] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LMAO
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: my minutes are a mess
[2009/08/09 11:55] Marcus Steeplechase: well, we got approval
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: now
[2009/08/09 11:55] Agent Strangelove: Love build.
[2009/08/09 11:55] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:55] EagleWoman Lightfoot: mars
[2009/08/09 11:55] Kefir Lamont: no idea.. i ma lost
[2009/08/09 11:55] EagleWoman Lightfoot: and flying
[2009/08/09 11:56] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok Marcus!
[2009/08/09 11:56] Isaiah Tolsen: i'm lost, but i thought it was cause i'm new
[2009/08/09 11:56] Isaiah Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:56] Rimpoche Kiama: Can we form something wonderful and fun and concrete in say...the next 30 days as a working plan?
[2009/08/09 11:56] Marcus Steeplechase: I think Building Events and Marketing should talk
[2009/08/09 11:56] Kiroja Fluffy: I suggest we discuss ideas about the actual look of the wedding sim on the forum, I'm sure we have a lot of ideas
[2009/08/09 11:56] Marcus Steeplechase: in sub-group
[2009/08/09 11:56] Marcus Steeplechase: and get back to you
[2009/08/09 11:56] Kiroja Fluffy nods
[2009/08/09 11:56] Rimpoche Kiama: Brilliant. Ok, 30 days from now, give me more. Very Happy
[2009/08/09 11:56] Agent Strangelove: Do able.
[2009/08/09 11:56] Marcus Steeplechase: yup
[2009/08/09 11:57] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok which brings up....the parade!
[2009/08/09 11:57] Marcus Steeplechase: i think that got aproved in prnciple
[2009/08/09 11:57] EagleWoman Lightfoot: ah, maybe so
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok. Would you like more than principle?
[2009/08/09 11:58] IM: Gregor Qinan: tp please?
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:58] Marcus Steeplechase: yes
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok.
[2009/08/09 11:58] EagleWoman Lightfoot: I would
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: Make the motion.
[2009/08/09 11:58] Marcus Steeplechase: so we can develop materials
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: we voted that there would be a Parade
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: we already made a motion
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: last week
[2009/08/09 11:58] Marcus Steeplechase: I motion we give the parade 100% aproval
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok that's right.
[2009/08/09 11:58] Marcus Steeplechase: oh lol
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: we alread did
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: lol
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: Has the motion been seconded?
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: yes
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: and passed unanimously
[2009/08/09 11:58] Marcus Steeplechase: so, in other words -we can start planning
[2009/08/09 11:58] Anden Tolsen: My bad yall..i should have done a summary
[2009/08/09 11:58] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[2009/08/09 11:59] EagleWoman Lightfoot: ok, great
[2009/08/09 11:59] EagleWoman Lightfoot: who knew
[2009/08/09 11:59] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok to summarize, we are doing a parade, it's been passed. Correct?
[2009/08/09 11:59] EagleWoman Lightfoot: :/
[2009/08/09 11:59] Anden Tolsen: i dropped the ball im sorry
[2009/08/09 11:59] Anden Tolsen: Yes
[2009/08/09 11:59] Anden Tolsen: Unanimously
[2009/08/09 11:59] Rimpoche Kiama: (we'll cope anden. Wink)
[2009/08/09 11:59] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok!
[2009/08/09 11:59] EagleWoman Lightfoot: LOL....who wouldn't, last week
[2009/08/09 11:59] Marcus Steeplechase: ok, again --to subgroup to develop overall plan
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok so can we have a report on that as well in the next month?
[12:00] Marcus Steeplechase: and i think same people involved
[12:00] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yep
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: Next on the table is Gregor.
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: Hi Gregor. Very Happy
[12:00] Gregor Qinan: ? sorry
[12:00] Marcus Steeplechase: hey Greggie!
[12:00] Anden Tolsen: Events, marketing and build are to meet to discuss Parade
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: ayre.
[12:00] EagleWoman Lightfoot: Kiro and I met once as preliminary and I am arranging meetings with some others to poke their brains and will get with Kiro again
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: and the wedding sim.
[12:00] Anden Tolsen: great.
[12:00] Anden Tolsen: got it in the minutes
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: zomg
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: 1pm
[12:00] Rimpoche Kiama: Art walk!
[12:01] Marcus Steeplechase: eagle?
[12:01] EagleWoman Lightfoot: nothing decided yet, we are having a meeting sometime tomorrow to set some details
[12:01] EagleWoman Lightfoot: sorry I don't have anythign as yet
[12:02] Rimpoche Kiama: no worries. Next week?
[12:02] EagleWoman Lightfoot: hey Greg
[12:02] Marcus Steeplechase: we been so busy with teahouse
[12:02] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yep
[12:02] Rimpoche Kiama: Understandable guys.
[12:02] Rimpoche Kiama: Like I said in the e-mail I sent to the ambassadors, I know this is stressfull.
[12:02] Rimpoche Kiama: But I also know we can do it. Smile If anyone needs help, ask. Deal?
[12:03] Kefir Lamont: Deal
[12:03] Rimpoche Kiama: k.....Front Page and Link to Hosting Fundraiser......Marcus.
[12:03] Anden Tolsen: If there is anything I can do to help, iam here and wlling too!
[12:03] Marcus Steeplechase: well, Keo and I worked on the document
[12:03] Marcus Steeplechase: and the form
[12:03] Marcus Steeplechase: and it is all set to go
[12:03] Rimpoche Kiama: good! Form looks good.
[12:04] Marcus Steeplechase: but my question is, who puts the stuff up on the website/
[12:04] Rimpoche Kiama: Ah.
[12:04] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok here's the deal.
[12:04] Anden Tolsen: Rim, Isaiah and myself have admin rights
[12:04] Anden Tolsen: to the website
[12:04] Rimpoche Kiama: Technically, the chair is supposed to be the webmaster during his/her term. I've asked Zack to stay on and help, and he's agreed but because he's got other stuff going with the swish, he's nto as available...
[12:05] Rimpoche Kiama: My thoughts are this should be a marketing job.
[12:05] Anden Tolsen: I agree
[12:05] Anden Tolsen: we should have one go to person for the website
[12:05] Marcus Steeplechase: that makes sense, especially after Isaiah's presentation
[12:05] Rimpoche Kiama: So......
[12:05] Rimpoche Kiama: Mr. Not Marketing Chair....lolol
[12:05] Anden Tolsen: Interim Marketing Chair
[12:06] Rimpoche Kiama: better term hehe
[12:06] Rimpoche Kiama: Marcus, you n' Keo wanna network with Izzy?
[12:06] Marcus Steeplechase: yup! i think Keo has all the stuff tho
[12:06] Rimpoche Kiama: kk
[12:06] Marcus Steeplechase: but glad to
[12:06] Rimpoche Kiama: Do we also need to make that change in the charter?
[12:06] EagleWoman Lightfoot: what change?
[12:06] Rimpoche Kiama: *scratches head*
[12:07] Rimpoche Kiama: I might have to check, but I think it says in the charter it's the chair's responsibility to webmaster.
[12:07] Rimpoche Kiama: meh, delegation counts. Smile
[12:07] Anden Tolsen: lol
[12:08] EagleWoman Lightfoot: perhaps "add to"
[12:08] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok, events for the rest of sp2010 year
[12:08] Marcus Steeplechase: ok

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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SP10 Committee Meeting Dialogue August 9, 2009 (cont)

Post  Anden Tolsen on Thu Aug 13, 2009 9:19 pm

[12:09] Marcus Steeplechase: one last thing --i noted spelling mistakes in charter
[12:09] Marcus Steeplechase: now...
[12:09] Marcus Steeplechase: events for rest of year
[12:09] Marcus Steeplechase: that is to say, committee ones
[12:09] Marcus Steeplechase: not the fundraisers clubs will offer
[12:10] Marcus Steeplechase: Eagle and I came up with a list and I hope you have all had a chance to review it
[12:10] Rimpoche Kiama: I did indeed. Very Happy
[12:10] Kefir Lamont: I have
[12:10] Marcus Steeplechase: please consider it a draft list, and as always things are subject to change
[12:11] Rimpoche Kiama: k
[12:11] Marcus Steeplechase: we tried to think of the different things needed, especially with staff and building
[12:11] Marcus Steeplechase: but obviously, each event will need to be fleshed out
[12:12] Marcus Steeplechase: rught now, any questions/
[12:12] Anden Tolsen: Did you send that list via notecard?
[12:12] Marcus Steeplechase: no, it's a gogle document
[12:12] Marcus Steeplechase: and you can reach it thru email
[12:12] Anden Tolsen: Ok thanks
[12:12] Marcus Steeplechase: *google
[12:13] Rimpoche Kiama: No questions?
[12:13] Anden Tolsen: Nope
[12:13] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok! I'm gonna open the floor then....does anyone have anything they need to visit, or re-visit?
[12:13] Marcus Steeplechase: so can we motion that this slate of events is passed, and begin working on them/
[12:14] Isaiah Tolsen: I have something I would like to share
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok in order.
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[12:14] Anden Tolsen: I second Marcus
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: I motion that the slate of events in principle...dammit anden.
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: lolol
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: All in favor?
[12:14] Anden Tolsen: Aye
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: Y
[12:14] Vixus Snowpaw: yup
[12:14] Kiroja Fluffy: aye
[12:14] Kefir Lamont: y
[12:14] Marcus Steeplechase: y
[12:14] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok.
[12:14] Agent Strangelove: aye.
[12:15] Rimpoche Kiama: In the words of our estemed treasurer, GO BABY! GO!
[12:15] Rimpoche Kiama: lol
[12:15] Anden Tolsen: lol
[12:15] Rimpoche Kiama: Issy. Smile
[12:15] Isaiah Tolsen: ok I stumbled accross something the other day, and I have had an opportunity to share with some of you. secondlife:///app/group/e8560935-aa78-1703-8e9f-09e6f32c72a5/about
[12:16] Isaiah Tolsen: by clicking this link, it brings up the SP group and people can click join. I think it is a very valuable marketing tool to get people to join the group
[12:16] EagleWoman Lightfoot: that opens the group info for me
[12:16] Rimpoche Kiama: omg how cool is that.
[12:16] Marcus Steeplechase: that is wunnerful
[12:16] Isaiah Tolsen: since thursday I have announced it at my club every night have seen a rise in membership by about 15 people
[12:16] Isaiah Tolsen: now imagine lots of clubs doing it
[12:17] Marcus Steeplechase: that would be excellent
[12:17] Isaiah Tolsen: so i encourage everyone to copy that into their inventory and use it as they see fit
[12:17] Agent Strangelove: Isaiah. Build crew can easily make an object to click to have that come up, Kiro and I already have them implimented in our own respective clubs.
[12:17] Isaiah Tolsen: excellent. That would be awesome
[12:17] Rimpoche Kiama: brilliant.
[12:17] Anden Tolsen: Just remember it only works in local/private chat not notices
[12:18] Rimpoche Kiama: Guys, we gotta incorporate that into the kiosk somehow, yah?
[12:18] Isaiah Tolsen: TY baby..yeah what he said
[12:18] Agent Strangelove: Your main kiasks could have a jion group button.
[12:18] Isaiah Tolsen: yes, i think that would be awesome to have in the kiasks
[12:18] Isaiah Tolsen: does anyone know the status on those yet?
[12:19] Rimpoche Kiama: Yes.
[12:19] Rimpoche Kiama: Stryker's informed me they won't be ready for the teahouse.
[12:19] Anden Tolsen: awww
[12:19] Marcus Steeplechase: LOL
[12:19] Rimpoche Kiama: So we are going to need an alternative collection....system....and I hate using that word lmao
[12:19] Rimpoche Kiama: *passes out*
[12:19] EagleWoman Lightfoot: is there a particular reason they won't be?
[12:20] Rimpoche Kiama: I gathered they're busy with r/l stuff, and technically it's tough setting everything together.
[12:20] Rimpoche Kiama: May I suggest geisha with KFC buckets?
[12:20] Rimpoche Kiama: XD
[12:20] Anden Tolsen: LMAO
[12:20] Isaiah Tolsen: lmao
[12:20] Isaiah Tolsen: extra cirspy please
[12:20] Isaiah Tolsen: :-P
[12:20] Rimpoche Kiama: Or we make sure the SPAV is there to take donations.
[12:21] Rimpoche Kiama: That'd be simplest solution yes?
[12:21] Isaiah Tolsen: i think so
[12:21] Kefir Lamont: is it possible ot set a ip Jar owned by the Second Pride Avatar out for the events?
[12:21] Kefir Lamont: as a temporary fix?
[12:21] Anden Tolsen: I was thinking the same as kefir
[12:21] Isaiah Tolsen: yes that would work too kefir
[12:21] Rimpoche Kiama: I can check the inventory Kefir n' see if there's one there.
[12:21] Anden Tolsen: jsut rez a couple tip jars
[12:21] EagleWoman Lightfoot: yes, but we really need the kiosk
[12:21] EagleWoman Lightfoot: asap
[12:21] Rimpoche Kiama: I agree yesterday.
[12:21] Kefir Lamont: If you need a tip jar, I can give you many, I usedot make them
[12:21] Isaiah Tolsen: yes we do.
[12:22] Rimpoche Kiama: Let's agree to put that first on the agenda for next week.
[12:22] EagleWoman Lightfoot: that has to be a priority since things, events-wise are so differentfrom last year
[12:22] Rimpoche Kiama: yes?
[12:22] Isaiah Tolsen: yes
[12:22] EagleWoman Lightfoot: I agree
[12:22] Anden Tolsen: Yes
[12:22] EagleWoman Lightfoot: lol
[12:22] Kefir Lamont: agreed
[12:22] Rimpoche Kiama: Stryker'd also talked about amending the web page, that there were a few things like the satisfaction survey that needed changing.
[12:23] Rimpoche Kiama: Our mission statement is also still the 09 version.
[12:23] Rimpoche Kiama: Can we put that up top for next meeting as well?
[12:23] Anden Tolsen: The Second Pride Official Information is also outdated
[12:23] Kefir Lamont: ((BRB))
[12:23] Marcus Steeplechase: yes
[12:23] Isaiah Tolsen: yes, RIM i need to speak to you after the meeting regarding the website. I really would like to have a new one presentable by next Sunday. But I will need your involvement
[12:24] Anden Tolsen: It still has the names of the previous committee members
[12:24] EagleWoman Lightfoot: and perhaps begin talking about amending the charter for "co-chairs"?
[12:24] Marcus Steeplechase: and who is looking into replacement donation kiosk? sorry, i missed that...
[12:24] Anden Tolsen: Rim
[12:24] Rimpoche Kiama: Lemme pound my keyboard n' see what I can come up with for text.....
[12:24] Rimpoche Kiama: Marcus, I'll look into SPAV's inventory for tip jars.
[12:24] Marcus Steeplechase: kk
[12:24] Anden Tolsen: Im working on a couple of amendments for the Charter
[12:24] Anden Tolsen: Ill share my notes with everyone via email
[12:25] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok! Anything else?
[12:25] Anden Tolsen: we can include the Co Chair roles
[12:25] Vixus Snowpaw: ^
[12:25] Rimpoche Kiama: jebus.
[12:25] Rimpoche Kiama: well done people.
[12:25] Anden Tolsen: Yay!
[12:25] Marcus Steeplechase: YEEEEEEEEEEEAHOOOOOO!
[12:25] EagleWoman Lightfoot: I almost can't believe it
[12:25] Rimpoche Kiama: Ok so we will meet, minus Anden, next sunday same time same place....and people!
[12:26] EagleWoman Lightfoot pinches self
[12:26] Rimpoche Kiama: If you haven't got Marcus' emote folders yet? Ask for them.
[12:26] Vixus Snowpaw: Who's yer daddy? Very Happy
[12:26] Rimpoche Kiama: They are a total hit with my crew. :O)
[12:26] EagleWoman Lightfoot: lol
[12:26] Rimpoche Kiama: Motion to adjourn.
[12:26] Marcus Steeplechase: lol
[12:26] Anden Tolsen: Second
[12:26] Vixus Snowpaw: i also have a whole folder of gestures
[12:26] Vixus Snowpaw: they come out of a videogame named Red Alert 2
[12:26] Kiroja Fluffy: aye
[12:26] Vixus Snowpaw: if you want them, poke me.
[12:26] Marcus Steeplechase: Rim, do you have a minute after the meeting?
[12:26] Rimpoche Kiama: We are adjounred until next week, and I do have moments after fo rthose needen them. Smile

Anden Tolsen
Secretary (Co Chair), SP 2010
Anden Tolsen
SP10 Secretary (Co-Chair)

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Re: SP10 Committee Meeting Minutes August 9, 2009

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