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  • 20091012
    On behalf of the Second Pride 2010 Committee I would like to apologize for the 4+ hour delay in opening Vote Room for the Special Treasurer Election. From my end, I was unable to access the website and forums last night and was unable to determine the cause. I did have access to google docs and to google email so it was strange indeed that the forums and site would not open for me (I experienced the same circumstances on Saturday). I emailed Anden and Isaiah about my issues late last night.

    In a conversation with Anden this morning, I learned that they, too, were having issues with gaining...

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 302
  • 20090927
    The Second Pride 2010 Committee recognizes the concerns brought forth by many of the members at large regarding the recent election to seat a Treasurer on the current committee.

    We agree that it is a sad state of affairs that with over 200 members with accounts at and nearly 300 members in two in world groups, there is only an eligible voter roster of 35 members.

    At the time of the last General Election, our Presiding Chair was elected with only 20 Votes when membership was...

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 5 - Views: 464
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  • 20091020
    I first became aware of Second Pride when I was asked by Marcus Steeplechase to participate in the Teahouse of the August Moon fundraiser. After reading more about the organization, I decided to become more involved because I respected its core mission, and I truly believed I could contribute to the organization's future development. However, it wasn't too long before I became aware of the horrible bickering and aggrandizement taking place on the Committee.

    Still, with all of that on my mind, I still held out hope. It was because of the dedication of the person who attracted me to Second...

    by Guest - Comments: 0 - Views: 286
  • 20091019
    I would like to make a proposal to the committee regarding the and domains. As you know a couple weeks ago we ascertained full administrative rights to both the domains. is owned and hosted by a company called forumotion. With the current setup we have, in order to have a basic homepage for the site, there is a lot of HMTL coding manipulation that must occur. Which is unreliable, cumbersome, and unecessary. We are unable to create any sub-domains or have emails for any ambassadors or committee members because of a 10 mailbox...

    by Isaiah Tolsen - Comments: 11 - Views: 473
  • 20091013
    Yesterday, at 2:00 pm SLT/PDT, there were 43 people in the Registered Voter group on this forum. Last night, the number was the same at about 7:45 pm SLT/PDT. Last night, there was an in-world group chat session that involved Explorer's registration and some question regarding whether the user followed the proper voter registration procedure. I know for a fact, that last night during that chat, Explorer was NOT in the group.

    This morning, there are 44 people in the Registered Voter group, and Explorer Dastardly was added. I believe the membership needs a full explanation of how the...

    by Guest - Comments: 5 - Views: 575
  • 20091012
    I applaud the current Committee for posting the current year's meeting minutes for all members to review. Now, I'd like to ask that the Presiding Chair make it so that all documents from current and previous years be posted or made available to the general membership for reference. This would include any document or data used by the current Committee to make decisions on how to conduct its business. For example, the current Charter does not have any provision for chairpersons to appoint co-chairs to act and vote on motions in his/her absence. However, it's clear this Committee referred to some...

    by Guest - Comments: 2 - Views: 397
  • 20091012
    It's October 12, 2009 at 4:20 am (SL). I am a member of the Voter Registration user group. I've just logged on to the Second Pride site, but can find no place to vote for Treasurer. My understanding is that voting was set to begin 4 hours ago and end at midnight tonight. Did someone forget something?

    by Guest - Comments: 8 - Views: 286
  • 20091011
    I know everyone must have busy lives, but is it too much to ask that advance, in-world notices be sent prior to public meetings? How about posting a notice in a highly visible spot on the website's forum as well? Notices were sent before the last couple of public meetings. Although, today's meeting time was mentioned in last week's meeting minutes, since no advance, in-world notice was sent, I wrongly presumed that today's meeting was cancelled. I seriously doubt most members would go to the trouble of digging through minutes for such information. Having said all of that, it was to my shock and...

    by Guest - Comments: 5 - Views: 286
  • 20090927
    The 2010 Second Pride Committee will be holding a press conference on Sunday, September 27, 2009 at the Four Bridges Offices of Second Pride.


    by Rimpoche Kiama - Comments: 1 - Views: 285
  • 20090926
    Second Pride is proud to present it's second event for the fundraising year. Please come join us in celebrating our diversity through will be magical!

    On September 27, 2009, we are holding an "art walk"....3 sims full of art from all parts of our community, a day spent walking through the sims, viewing many great works that have been done in Second Life, auctioning of art, culminating in a magical semi-formal dance under the stars. During the dance, you could win a "giveaway"! Your choice of any piece of art you have seen during the day while touring our...

    by Marcus Steeplechase - Comments: 0 - Views: 255
  • 20090926
    I received a request from Styker Jenkins to remove him from access to the Second Pride avatar account. Complying with his request I have changed the password and provided the new password and transaction history as of 9/26/2009, 8:35am EST for this account to the SP 2010 Chairman, Rimpoche Kiama via email to his personal RL email account. I have asked the Chair to share this password to the Committee selected Treasurer and the Build Chairman to comply with my request posted last evening (9/25/2009;7:00PM) to the "SP10 Treasurer Chair Special Elections, For Immediate Consideration" Topic....

    by Shawn Mission - Comments: 1 - Views: 317
  • 20090925
    It has come to the attention of the Second Pride Committee that voter fraud has occurred during the election. We have reasons to believe that the Second Pride (Founder), an admin account for the website, was used to cast a vote. Resulting in a member casting 2 votes. The following screen shots show 1 vote participation by the Second Pride (Founder) account before the election commenced followed by another screen shot of the Second Pride (Founder) account showing 2 vote participations after the polls closed. Zack Preminger has indicated that he is the only member with access to the Second Pride...

    by Anden Tolsen - Comments: 6 - Views: 448
  • 20090925
    SP10 Treasurer Vote Room wrote:
    Today at 2:41 am Lemonodo Oh

    Does the log show the last vote was after midnight? Please verify. I saw the same thing as Zack, and unfortunately that is inconclusive.

    Today at 8:48 am Meatjockey Lederberg

    And for those who are curious - I voted at 11:59 precisely. It was good to see that the poll was actually open til midnight.

    I would think that there would be more concern over capturing the will of all the voting members would...

    by Guest - Comments: 7 - Views: 435
  • 20090925
    I love the drama of the Treasurer election, and I wasn't even allowed to vote. But, enough is enough. A tie? Really? Now, the idea is to let the two candidates co-chair? Really? I have an idea.....let the two candidates flip a virtual coin. I know the decision is up to the Committee, but the organization needs a resolution so it can move forward.

    by Guest - Comments: 2 - Views: 279
  • 20090919
    Open / public meeting to be held Sunday, 20 September 2009, 11AM SLT on the roof top at Second Pride HQ on the Four Bridges North region.

    The Committee extends is apologies for the short notice. Going forward, scheduled Committee meetings will be announced no less than 48 hours in advance and will include a link to the meeting Agenda. When the Agenda becomes available to me, I will edit/update this post.


    Please take a moment to look over the Second Pride Committee Meeting...

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 373
  • 20090913
    SP10 Treasurer Candidate Statements have been posted on the Second Pride website. They are now available for review and questions. A summary of today's meeting has also been posted.

    Should you have any questions please contact

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 267
  • 20090910
    hey everyone!
    We need a new kiosk for this year,, we decided to invite any of our general membership to build one and have us a little kiosk contest! Hoooo! No committee members or ambassadors, please!

    It should be low prim but have at least 3 parts. One main part will be for the SP logo and 2 other parts for other info. This year's slogan or "theme" is "Celebrate Diversity". Don't worry about scripts or notecards....this is purely a "design" contest.

    This will be the kiosk that goes into all the clubs/stores/hangouts, etc. throughout...

    by Eaglewoman Lightfoot - Comments: 0 - Views: 275
  • 20090908
    I have no idea to whom formally I can lodge a protest, but in world, have sent note cards to various Committee seats, I am protesting the denial to me of the return of my Ambassadorship. Given very personal reasons I will not disclose here, and financial reasons RL, at the time I asked to be removed as an Ambassador, that for me needed to happen. A couple months later here, I have requested of the committee to be reinstated and was informed today by keo that I would not be. No reason as to why at all. Just no.
    I was with PRIDE think and thin, and believe me there was a lot of thin to wade...

    by Guest - Comments: 5 - Views: 367
  • 20090907
    Dear Friends,

    This last week has been difficult for all of us. We've learned some important lessons about how things work, and have begun to formulate a direction towards our eventual growth and the responsibilities we will be taking on.

    As part of that process, Stryker Jenkins has tabled his resignation. In a committee meeting this afternoon (September 6, 2009) it was decided by a majority of the committee to accept this resignation. Stryker will be assuming the role as treasurer designate until a replacement can be found, at which time he will assist the treasurer elect...

    by Rimpoche Kiama - Comments: 26 - Views: 1032
  • 20090906
    Second Pride is proud to present it's second event for the fundraising year and we would love for you to show your art!
    Please come join us in celebrating our diversity through's magic!

    In late September, we are holding an "art walk"....3 sims full of art from all parts of our community, a day spent walking through the sims, viewing all the great works that have been done in Second Life, auctioning of art and culminating in a magical semi-formal dance under the stars.

    We are asking any and all artists to come and place their art on one of the 3 sims....

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 258
  • 20090906
    Second Pride is proud to present it's second event for the fundraising year and we would love for you to show your art!
    Please come join us in celebrating our diversity through's magic!

    In late September, we are holding an "art walk"....3 sims full of art from all parts of our community, a day spent walking through the sims, viewing all the great works that have been done in Second Life, auctioning of art and culminating in a magical semi-formal dance under the stars.

    We are asking any and all artists to come and place their art on one of the 3 sims....

    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 226
  • 20090822
    The Evangelical Lutheran Church of America lifts a ban on sexually active, monogamous gays and lesbians as clergy.

    "Under the new policy, heterosexual clergy and professional lay workers must still abstain from sex outside marriage. The proposed change would cover those in 'lifelong, monogamous, same-gender relationships.'"

    It would seem to follow that the ELCA would now have to perform gay marriages? Or at least preside over commitment ceremonies?


    by Keokipele Ansar - Comments: 0 - Views: 297
  • 20090818
    Stryker sent this to me this morning. I can barely believe I'm reading this.

    At the adult content disclaimer page of XStreetSL, located here,
    is stated the following:


    You are about to be redirected to Xstreet SL Uncensored.
    The adult content within this site is intended for ADULTS ONLY (18 years of age or older). If you are not of legal age or do not wish to view materials...

    by Rimpoche Kiama - Comments: 6 - Views: 356
  • 20090706
    Firstly, I would like to thank the 2009 Committee for allowing me to have complete control over the build. The parklike simplicity of it allowed people to focus on what the Quilt meant as well as giving them a quiet spot to connect with their feelings. Thank you.

    Secondly I am pleased as punch to be included yet again in Second Pride.

    I'm a former soldier, a continuing patriot, and a father raising a son. But as far as I am concerned, as long as one segment of American society is deprived of their constitutional rights, has to walk in fear because of who they love or...

    by Jase Byrne - Comments: 4 - Views: 293
  • 20090531
    Dear visitors, members, vendors and sponsors,

    As elected chair for Second Pride 2009 I welcome you on this forum platform which will be the center of ongoing activities for each departments. Our chairs will have this space available for them to post official content, forms, information, or just open discussion topics to get your oppinion.

    Second Pride 2009 is over and we're waiting for the 2010 committee to start planning the next edition. Until then forgive us the lack of content on here, it will very soon be filled with new information!

    If you...

    by Guest - Comments: 7 - Views: 353

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